Sea of Clouds Review

Sea of Clouds Review

By Tony White | 17/01/2018

Sea of Clouds, published by Iello Games, pits two to four players against one another for an epic tale of swashbuckling in the skies.

New Board Games Editions coming in 2018

AJ’s Top 4 New Board Games Editions coming in 2018

By AJ Key | 16/01/2018

AJ previews four of his most anticipated New Editions, Re-installments, and Re-implementations of Board Games coming in 2018.

News - A Hellboy Board Game is Coming

News Round Up: Hellboy comes to the tale as Star Wars LCG leaves

By Robert Wilde | 12/01/2018

The source material for the games in this update comes from comics (Hellboy), books (Lovecraft), movies (Star Wars), and other types of games (Descent).