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Is The Sims 4 Still Relevant 10 Years On?


The highly anticipated day has finally arrived, a Sims film is finally in production and it really had me thinking. The Sims 4 was released in 2014 (I know I can’t believe it either!) and 10 years on, the pressing question is whether The Sims still proves itself relevant in this era of gaming?


The Sims 4 established itself as an evolution from its predecessor’s with elevated graphics and a growing plethora of expansion packs, making the game even more immersive than ever before.

The game is a creative space for people of all ages where imagination and fantasies come to life. Ten years on, the Sims 4 still honours this ethos with its growing expansion pack offering from “Vampires” to “Island Living” meaning a better customisation of properties and characters, alike.

On the contrary, this customisability comes at a cost to the user. In comparison to previous games, like The Sims 3, in which the base game already had some of the options that users now have to pay for, The Sims 4 charges users for pretty much all of their DLCs. This makes the game not feasible for all.

The Sims 4 is always evolving as the industry changes, and consumer demand differs. For example, The Sims now offer story modes which I believe really enhances the gameplay as it provides objectives for gamers to work towards who are perhaps less partial to largely RPG-based games. Personally, I feel that this is a good example of The Sims working hard to meet consumer demand without the need to design and curate an entire new game.

Nonetheless, do we expect better graphics and performance from The Sims 4 after its decade long journey? In essence, the game’s “cartoon” like graphics is fundamental in the branding of the game, but after 10 years, I feel that the game needs to level this up in order to keep up with similar games of the simulation genre.

Alongside this, I feel that The Sims has the potential to become largely more open world. Whilst the base game is very limited to Bars, Parks, and Lounges as the obvious pass times, this can become tiresome after hours of gaming. The Sims needs a more variable range of activities added like Golf, Bowling and Arcades to really enhance its long-term attractiveness and playability.

Could the next Sims game also evolve into a MMORPG?

What can we expect from the Sims film?

Now, I am no mind-reader, and although I wish I had the finished script sitting in front of me, that is sadly not the case.

However, from the perspective of an end-user, I feel that there are certain elements that we need to see in the final edit to have a truly authentic movie.

In my opinion, The Sims is synonymous with blinding rage. The anger that takes over me when I am trying to make a simple Eggs and Toast meal for my family when the house suddenly becomes consumed with flames. Or when I spend $400 on a dishwasher for my Sims to simply proceed to walk the entire length of the house to wash them in the $30 bathroom sink - even after me smashing the cancel button.

But that is what makes The Sims, The Sims! A highly ironic in its fabrication of real life. They truly do have a mind and autonomy of their own.

Alongside this, the film would not be accurate without a recreation of iconic Sim dance moves. Setting the scene at one of the renowned bars, perhaps the Stargazer Lounge, should then lead to an epic dance battle breakout.

I envision the film tone to be utterly ridiculous but utterly iconic. Either way, capturing the essence of the franchise will be essential for the film’s success.


After a decade of its release, the question of The Sims 4's relevance lingers in the minds of gamers and enthusiasts alike with increasingly overwhelming availability of games that have become fundamental in the gaming industry. Undoubtedly, the game has evolved since its inception.

However, this evolution has not been without its criticisms. The introduction of an array of paid customisation options has raised concerns about accessibility and value for money in comparison to similar games in the market.

In conclusion, whilst The Sims 4 has certainly left its mark on the gaming landscape over the past decade, its continued relevance hinges on its ability to adapt, innovate, and stay true to the essence of the franchise that has captivated players for generations, whilst also keeping up with the industry advancements and game capabilities.

I, for one, am highly anticipating the launch of The Sims 5.