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Castle Party HTP

How To Play Castle Party

favouritefoe 11/08/2022

So you’ve decided to attend the Castle Party! But you don’t know how/where to bust a move. Fear not, I am here to get your pens pumping!

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Glow HTP

How To Play Glow

Dan Hilton 10/08/2022

Glow, believe it or not, can be played in less than 30 minutes. It doesn't have to be though! Read here to learn How To Play.

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How To Play Noggin

Sophie Jones 09/08/2022

Let's be real... Noggin looks like it should be easy to play, but there's alot to think about. Luckily this how to play will help!

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Paint The Roses (1)

How To Play Paint The Roses

Luke Pickles 08/08/2022

Welcome and good luck, gardeners! I hope “Off with their heads” aren’t the last words you hear in Paint the Roses …

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Point Salad

How To Play Point Salad

Tom Harrod 04/08/2022

With over 100 ways to score point in Point Salad, it is important to know how to play! Presenting... How To Play Point Salad

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Cascadia HTP

How To Play Cascadia

favouritefoe 04/08/2022

Whether you've decided if you want to play solo mode, or the original way, here is a How To Play for Cascadia!

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How to Play Disney Villainous

Disney Villainous: How to Play

Disney Villainous turns the happily-ever-after that you'd expect from Disney on its head and gives the villains a chance to complete their evil schemes.

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Dog Lover HTP

How To Play Dog Lover

favouritefoe 03/08/2022

You've read the Dog Lover review, and now you're thinking... Well how do I play Dog Lover? Here is a quick How To guide for just that!

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Sounds Fishy (1)

How To Play Sounds Fishy

Fred Cronin 02/08/2022

You've read the review, and you know you're feeling Sounds Fishy, but how do you play Sounds Fishy? Fred is here to help.

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How To Play Talisman

How To Play Talisman

Tony Hendren 01/08/2022

Talisman may seem like a lot of rules at first glance, but stick with it. Are you ready? Let's delve straight in!

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