The 2020 Sport Relief Game Raiser Giveaway

Sport relief was back for 2020 and this year it was 'Game On' with their Game Raising challenge to help tackle poverty & injustice in the UK & worldwide. We took part with the Zatu Game Raiser Giveaway.

Game On!

For 2020 Sport Relief returned with a Game Raising challenge. The challenge was to raise some funds and have some fun all centred around games.

People raised money is many ways from streaming, to gaming marathons or parties and we even heard that some people actually gave up games as well.

Being the massive game fans we are we wouldn't dare the thought of giving them up, or at least not in the sense you might be thinking. Instead of taking a sabbatical from games and giving up playing them, we gave up games by giving some away in the biggest Board Game Giveaway we've ever done, the ZATU Game Raiser Giveaway.

Looking to put together the biggest Board Game Giveaway we put out a call to arms throughout the community and our call was answered! With donations from Warlord Games, Big Potato Games, Ravensburger and Coiled Spring (not to mention plenty of ZATU goodies) we managed to gather a fantastic collection of games, goodies and swag for a lucky winner.

The Good Stuff

The good stuff, the goodies, the games and all the swag and gaming accessories you'd want from a Board Game Giveaway. With open arms we welcomed donations from the community and can happily say they provided. Here's the list of all the good stuff we managed to rustle up.

Warlord Games are one of the leaders in the miniatures world. With a range of tabletop miniature games as well as some board games too they are a well established and top quality brand. Leading the miniatures world in many areas from historical battles going back to the roman times and up to more modern times as well as a slew of fiction based games like Judge Dredd and Dr who.

Warlord Games generously contributed Band of Brothers, Waterloo - Black Power 2nd Edition Starter Set, Blood Red Skies and the Judge Dredd Starter Game.

Ravensburger are a well known company based in Ravensburg, Germany. Famous for the range of puzzles they offer as well as a fantastic range of board games too. From Disney and Marvel to Back to the Future their range is tantalisingly good. With 'Playful development' as their mission they are certainly achieving it.

Ravensburger kindly donated Disney Villainous, Bugs in the Kitchen, Rush Hour and Labyrinth the Moving Maze game.

In their own words Big Potato Games are a indie board game company from London that makes party games for kids, families and adults that are easy to learn and quick to play. When they say their games are easy to pick up but hard to put down they are not wrong. With a varied range of games you can be certain you will find a game for you.

Big Potato Games provided a rather plentiful bounty of games for the giveaway and donated 20 Second Showdown, Blockbuster, Don't Get Got, Disney Colourbrain, Mr Lister's Quiz Shootout, Obama Llama 2, Scrawl, OK Play, What Came First? and Dan & Phil's Truth Bombs

Coiled Spring Games are a self made company that started with just one game and one puzzle. Distributing some of the best games on the planet all throughout the UK as well as puzzles and soft toys, the range is vast with games aimed at children, families and adults.

Coiled Spring Games donated a great range of games for the giveaway such as Evolution: Climate, Zombie Kidz Evolution, Forbidden Island and Decrypto. They also donated some extra goodies too including a Planet Bag, Sushi Go Party Cards as well as Forbidden Sky and Forbidden Desert cards too.

To top it all off we included plenty of goodies too from pins, pens, stickers, a limited edition ZATU card for 'What Came First' and the all essential dice-tray. Everything to keep you going in the world of board & cards games for a lifetime!

Let the Games Begin!

During the run up to the ZATU Game Raiser Giveaway we kept close to the spirit of Sport Relief and had a good look at the Top 7 Sport-Themed Board Games. With gaming marathons on the cards as well we also went through the Top 5 Games for a Board Game Marathon.

With all of the good stuff lined up and the hype building we were ready to go and it was time for the games to begin. With a minimum donation of £2.50 and a modest target of £500 for Sport Relief the ZATU Game Raiser Giveaway was a go!

With an outpouring of generosity from board game lovers all over, it didn't take long to hit the target. In less than a week the £500 was raised and we were ready to pick a winner. In all honesty we were stunned by you all and we can't say Thank You enough for giving to such an amazing cause!

And the Winner Is...

The Clifton Family! A huge congratulations to the Clifton Family who won the ZATU Game Raiser Giveaway and now have a lifetime of games, goodies and swag!

Arriving just at the right time, the Clifton family won a massive haul of games, gifts and goodies to keep them going for a lifetime. It has provided a lot of laughs, memories and a little lockdown relief as well.

There was plenty of family fun, games for the kids and a couple for the parents too so they could get in some well earned game time after a hard day of work and homeschooling.

After the Clifton family had a chance to rummage through the collection and sample a few of the games they won, they very kindly wrote a blog post for us all about what it's like to win a ZATU giveaway. Read more of it here.

Finally we'd like to once more say a massive thanks to everyone that entered. Although we hit our target you are still welcome to donate directly to Sport Relief.

Sport Relief works tireless in the UK and abroad and all donations are very welcome no matter how small they might be. You can make a donation by clicking here.

Zatu Game Raiser - Clifton Family Games
Zatu Game Raiser - Zatu Goodies

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