Labyrinth – The Moving Maze Game

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Labyrinth is the race for treasures in a moving maze! Be the first to collect all your treasures by shifting the walls of the labyrinth to create a clear path. Players take turns to search the Labyrinth for their magical objects and characters by carefully moving through the constantly changing maze. The treasure cards are divided between the players, without revealing them to the other players. The maze cards are randomly placed on the playing board and the first player uses the extra card to start moving the first wall. It is up to you to strategically move the walls so you can collect your treasures, but block the path for the other players.

A-MAZE-ingly Great Fun
This is an excellent game of strategy and luck. First released in 1986 Labyrinth has been a family classic for over 30 years.

This action-packed game of mystery is ideal for parties, family game nights, and anytime kids feel like playing in a land of strategy and imagination.

Who can play?
This game is suitable for 2-4 players. Playing Time: 30-90 minutes.

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