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Have you ever wanted to play the villain in a film? Come on, be honest…Of course you have. You wouldn’t be here if you haven’t. Well now you can thanks to Ravensburger! And not just any villain in any film. Now you can be one of six of the all-time classic villains from six of Disney’s classic films! Disney Villainous is a 2-6 player, asymmetric, feast of cunning combat and…
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Have you ever wanted to play the villain in a film? Come on, be honest…Of course you have. You wouldn’t be here if you haven’t. Well now you can thanks to Ravensburger! And not just any villain in any film. Now you can be one of six of the all-time classic villains from six of Disney’s classic films!

Disney Villainous is a 2-6 player, asymmetric, feast of cunning combat and tactical trickery. In the game, you and your opponents will battle it out to be the first to reach your own unique winning condition. At your command you will have loyal minors ready to help you out work your sinister plan. It sounds all too easy doesn’t it.

But there are others just as evil as yourself fighting for victory and as they move to different locations on their unique player boards, they can activate your own villainous Fate Cards that could lay waste to your devious schemes or at least pain stakingly slow them down!

Disney Villainous comes with stunning artwork from the Disney films, unique character Villain and Fate cards, player boards, tactical tips, reference cards, six stylised plastic villain miniatures and of course no game about Disney villains would be complete without a cauldron brimming over with power tokens.

It’s time to dig out your cape and let forth your sinister evil laugh, for Disney Villainous is here!

Player Count: 2-6
Time: 50 Minutes
Age: 10+



Disney Villainous Review


Let's face it - who hasn't wanted to be a Disney villain? Sure, the princess and princesses are all fine and happily ever after, but if you were Maleficient, you could curse those who'd wronged you! If you were Jafar, you could hypnotise people and make them do whatever you wanted! If you were Prince John, you'd… have a crown?

Disney Villainous, created by Wonder Forge, lets you do just that: indulge your inner villain. Each of the six playable villains is given a nefarious plan to achieve, so to win the game you must complete your objectives – while also fending off those pesky do-gooding heroes and doing your best to sabotage your opponents.

Characters - Pick your Poison

The villains available to play in Disney Villainous are:

  • Captain Hook - The eternally unlucky pirate from Peter Pan.
  • Jafar - The megalomaniacal vizier from Aladdin.
  • Maleficient - The grudge-bearing witch from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Prince John - The insecure usurper from Robin Hood.
  • The Queen of Hearts - The croquet-loving despot from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Ursula - The shape-shifting sea witch from The Little Mermaid.

Each villain is represented by a cleverly-designed translucent plastic piece that manages to capture the essence of each character in a wonderfully simplistic and artistic way.

Disney Villainous Review - Character Movers

The range of characters that Wonder Forge have chosen is appealing; players will immediately be drawn to at least one character from that list. It must have been an extremely difficult job to whittle down Disney's extensive roster of villains to only six choices. Prince John in particular is a surprising and pleasing inclusion, with Robin Hood perhaps being a lesser well-known Disney film.

And, excitingly, it doesn't end there! Perhaps to assuage those who think they chose wrong, Wonder Forge is currently taking votes for the next villain to be added to the game. This is a perfect way to expand the popularity and replay-ability of the game: everyone has a favourite film/villain, and, as I mention below, gameplay is different with each character, so knowing that there will be more characters added in the future keeps the game full of possibilities.

Gameplay - No Honour Amongst Villains

Each turn in Disney Villainous is broken down into three steps: moving, performing actions, and drawing cards.


Your board has four locations that you can move between. Some villains start with 'locked' locations, which subsequently need to be unlocked by using cards.

Disney Villainous Review - Locations

Performing Actions

Each location has symbols on it that correspond to actions, for example play or discard cards, or 'fate' another player: draw the top two cards from their Hero Deck and use the best one to wreak havoc.

The cards in the game are divided up into Villain and Hero Decks.  Your Villain Deck contains allies who help you vanquish heroes, effects, and conditions. Effect cards are played as part of your turn; condition cards are played during an opponents' turn. The Hero Deck contains heroes who you have to vanquish (placed on your board after another player 'fates' you), items, and effects.

One aspect that I found a bit disruptive was trying to remember what each symbol stood for (for some reason it just wouldn't click with me) - however you do always have a reference card to hand which lists the symbols.

Picking a location becomes very important when you need a certain action, for example, if you need to vanquish a hero or you're desperate to fate someone before they win. Some villains need to be in specific locations to complete parts of their objective.

Disney Villainous Review - Action Symbols Card

Drawing Cards

You start with four cards in your hand from your Villain Deck. If you've used/discarded cards during your turn, you draw from your Villain Deck until you're back up to four again.

The villains' overall objectives range from the relatively simple (e.g. Prince John needs to collect 20 power tokens) to increasingly difficult, with four out of the six having multi-step objectives that require careful planning and exactly the right conditions (e.g. Ursula must play the Trident and Crown item cards, move them to her Lair, and defeat King Triton). Don't worry, you're not expected to remember all of that - each villain gets a personalised card that reminds you what your objectives are (this is invaluable for some characters).

This differentiation works extremely well, with new/younger players able to choose more straightforward characters and then build up to the others with more experience. It also prolongs the appeal of the game: each villain has story-specific allies, effects, conditions and heroes to battle, thereby providing players with what feels like a whole new game every time you pick a different villain.

The amount of players also changes the feel of Disney Villainous. Two players means you only have each other to target, but equally means that there are less chances of you being 'fated' per round. Four players means you have a lot more to keep an eye on to ensure that people aren't secretly close to winning, and if someone IS close to winning the other players can team up to target that opponent (this can be EXTREMELY frustrating when you're the victim). It is a surprisingly strategic game; it can be a tricky balance between concentrating on your own goals and scuppering the other villains.

Disney Villainous Review - Captain Hook Objective

Final Thoughts on Disney Villainous

Disney Villainous is a delight for fans of Disney. The objectives, characters and locations chosen by Wonder Forge really make you feel like you're playing through your chosen story. Experiencing the plot from the other side and the competitive nature of the game makes you seriously root for your villain, often with hilarious results ('BLOODY ALICE!' I yelled, after a particularly difficult turn as the Queen of Hearts).

That being said, you don't have to know much about Disney to enjoy the game: the different levels of complexity available, the beautiful artwork, and the 'just right' amount of challenge that Villainous offers makes it entertaining to play.

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