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Collecting Beyond, Starter Set: Space Marine


The Imperium’s Greatest Defenders - The Adeptus Astartes, the Angels of Death, or as we know them, the Space Marine. Genetically enhanced super Soldiers created by the Emperor himself to bring order to the Galaxy, the full weight of the galaxy is on their shoulders and they shall know no fear.

The Space Marine Faction are the main poster boys for the Franchise, being a great recommendation for those that are just getting into the hobby. The Introductory Set is a great start for beginning players and a good expansion for Veterans.

Though the big question for those wanting to collect beyond the Starter Set: Where to start? In this Article, we will be giving five recommendations.

Before we go over our recommendations we should explore the strengths and Weaknesses of the units within the Start book.

What you currently have

In the Starter Set, you get eleven models, set unit as a leader and 2 units

A Terminator Captain with a relic Weapon and Storm Bolter, your army’s warlord, a powerful leader and warrior. When leading his unit of Terminators he can provide one free use of a each battle round stratagem and rerolls on charge attempts, particularly useful on the slower moving Terminator armoured troops.

Five Terminators with power fists, storm bolters and one Assault cannon, the heavy elites of the Space Marines bearing a 2+ save and three wounds, able to shoot and decent range before getting into the fray with their Strength 8 weapons.

Five infernus Marines equipped with Pyreblasters, Short ranged flame wielding marines able to score several hits making them lethal against hordes of light infantry. In addition, they are not pushovers in melee either with two wounds each and three attacks, this squad can reap a toll if left unchecked.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Between the 2 squads this set has incredible anti-infantry capabilities, catching your enemies with the Infernus Squad can lead to many dice being rolled (up to 5D6 hits) and the Terminators to hold the centre, this army can hold most close quarter battles.

Because of this specialisation however, the army has issues with fighting heavier tanks and Monsters, alongside a lack of Long Ranged options. Another Glaring issue is a generally low amount of Objective Control and Mobility.

Our recommendations

1. Redemptor Dreadnought

One of the Heavier dreadnoughts at the Space Marines’ disposal, the Redemptor Dreadnought can choose from a selection of Long and short range weapons that can do major damage when brought to bear. With its 2+ save and toughness of Ten, this behemoth of Ceramite can cover for your infantry as they advance.

2. Intercessors

The new rank and file of the Adeptus Astartes, armed with bolt rifles and potentially Grenade Launchers. This squad is great for providing Objective Control to your army, especially with their ability Objective Secured, which sets an objective marker as under your control unless your opponent controls it. This allows your main force to focus on controlling the centre of the board.

3. Eradicators

If you’re struggling with Monsters and Vehicles, the Eradicators can deal molten vengeance with their Melta Rifles and Multi Melta. Sitting on a strength of nine and an armour penetration of -4 the eradicators’ true powers comes from their ability; Total Obilitration, which allows you to reroll the hit, wound and damage roll for the unit.

4. Devastator Marines

The good old heavy support choice of the firstborn, this unit can be equipped with the most types of weapons from, from infantry destroying Heavy flamers and Heavy Bolters to tank busting Multi Meltas and Lascannons, this squad can bring the firepower and range needed on any battleline.

5. Impulsor

The faster transport choice for the primaris, the impulsor can carry up to six Tacticus or Phobos infantry inside, this vehicle specialises in getting your valuable troops to where they need to. Equipped with either storm bolters or fragstorm grenade launchers alongside a fire deck value of 6 the impulsor can yield a great amount of firepower. This works especially well for your infernus marines giving them much needed protection and speed, maximising their value.

In conclusion…

When looking to expand your miniature army, it is always key to review what your battle Brothers are capable of and how to cover for weaknesses when delivering the Emperor’s justice onto your next battlefield.

We hope that these Space Marine recommendations give you an understanding on the next steps on your collecting and gaming experience!

Collect, paint and play, bring glory for the Chapter.