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Unmatched is a popular tabletop game series designed by Rob Daviau and published by Restoration Games. The game combines deck-building mechanics with miniature-based combat and offers players the opportunity to pit famous characters from various media franchises against each other. The game’s unique design and mechanics make it a favorite among tabletop enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

At its core, Unmatched is a competitive game where players take on the role of famous characters from different media, such as Robin Hood, King Arthur, Alice in Wonderland, and even Bruce Lee. Each character has a unique set of abilities and cards that players can use to defeat their opponents. The game is played on a modular board, and players move their characters around the board, attacking their opponents and completing objectives to win the game.

The game’s mechanics are straightforward and easy to learn, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. Each player starts the game with a deck of cards specific to their character, and they use these cards to move, attack, and defend against their opponents. The game also features a variety of tokens and markers that players can use to keep track of various effects, such as wounds and status effects.

One of the most significant aspects of Unmatched is the game’s miniature-based combat system. Each character has a miniature that represents them on the board, and players use these miniatures to move around the board and engage in combat with their opponents. The game’s combat mechanics are based on a simple rock-paper-scissors system, where each attack type is stronger or weaker against certain defenses. This makes combat fast-paced and exciting, as players try to outmaneuver and outsmart their opponents.

In addition to the base game, Unmatched offers a wide range of expansion packs that introduce new characters, maps, and mechanics to the game. These expansion packs feature characters from various media franchises, including Jurassic Park, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even the Marvel Universe. This diversity of characters and settings keeps the game fresh and exciting, and allows players to tailor their gameplay experience to their interests.

Overall, Unmatched is an excellent tabletop game that combines elements of deck-building, miniature-based combat, and famous media characters. Its easy-to-learn mechanics and exciting gameplay make it a must-try for any tabletop enthusiast, and its expanding range of characters and settings ensures that players will never run out of new challenges to face.

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