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Unmatched – Battle of Legends Vol 2

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It’s Volume 2 of a legendary battle! This time, four heroes; the fearsome Bloody Mary, clone master Sun Wukong, god-like Archilles and Yennenga alongside her strong army take to the battlefield. Punch, strike and defend your way to victory! But remember… in battle there are no equals. What’s in the box? 4 Miniature figures 6 Sidekick tokens 7 Health dials 124 Cards 1 Gameboard…
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  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You Might Like

  • Brilliant Artwork
  • Hits a big punch in just 20 minutes

Might Not Like

  • Only one map in this pack, but it is a belter
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It’s Volume 2 of a legendary battle! This time, four heroes; the fearsome Bloody Mary, clone master Sun Wukong, god-like Archilles and Yennenga alongside her strong army take to the battlefield. Punch, strike and defend your way to victory!

But remember… in battle there are no equals.

What’s in the box?

4 Miniature figures
6 Sidekick tokens
7 Health dials
124 Cards
1 Gameboard
1 Rulebook
How to play:

Take to the battle field and raise your weapons for Unmacthed: Battle of Legend’s Vol. 2. This instalment features legendary heroes and an extra ‘high ground’ game mechanic.

Each hero has a unique deck of cards that will assist them in battle. Despite his weakened heel, Archilles and his sidekick Patroclus work together to survive, Sun Wukong hides behind his many clones, Bloody Mary is vicious with her chain attack and Yennenga will destroy her opponents with her army! The last player standing will be victorious.

Players take turns manoeuvring their fighters on the battlefield, playing schemes, and attacking their opponent’s fighters.

On your turn, you must take 2 actions; you cannot skip an action. You may choose two different actions or the same action twice. The possible actions are:

Manoeuver: when you take the manoeuvre action, you first draw the top card of your deck, then you may move your fighters.

Attack: when you take the attack action, you must declare which of your fighters is performing the attack; they are the active fighter. You may not take the attack action if you do not have an attack card in hand or if none of your fighters have valid targets to attack.

Scheme: when you take the scheme action, you choose a scheme card from your hand and play it onto the table, face up. You must declare which of your fighters is playing the scheme card. Each card in your deck indicates which fighters are allowed to play it.

You have a hand limit of seven cards. At the end of your turn, if you have more than seven cards in your hand, you must discard down to seven cards, placing any discarded cards in your discard pile. Then it is your opponent’s turn.

Reduce your opponents health to ZERO and you are the winner!


You can mix and match characters from any Unmatched set! Combine with Battle of Legends Vol.1 for the ultimate brawl!

Player Count: 2-4 Players
Time: 20-40 Minutes
Age: 9+

Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol 2 Review

Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol 2 is the newest four character set, and is as the same suggests full of legendary characters. This set takes its inspiration from around the world and brings in different historical cultural characters together. As usual, the Unmatched team have used the mechanics and card play as well as the art in order to bring the feeling of character to life. This is for me what makes me love learning more about the characters whilst I play, they feel so thematic to me. Each is so different, and each game feels fresh to me.

I have now played a lot of games, but for me, Unmatched is really perfect. It plays quickly, and the artwork and components are beautiful. But what really sings for me is the variability and replayability. Each character in the Unmatched system comes with its own unique special ability and deck to learn to pilot. I’ll not labour the point about how to play as I have already covered this in my How to Play guide and also my previous Unmatched reviews. Instead, I am going to dive right into what this set is all about and what I think of each character and the map.

What Is New?

First thing that has changed in this set vs. the previous sets is the advent of the double volley attacks. These allow you to do two attacks in one action. Your opponent is permitted to defend against both individually should they wish. This is a great way to run through your opponents cards, and it is also a way to make a well timed feint card feel infinitely cleverer.

The next thing that they brought in that was new was the map. This is an ancient temple which for the historical legendary figures I feel is very fitting. It has some high ground spots where you can attack down with an additional +1 to all your attacks. You do not want to be having your opponent with a monopoly on these. The board is quite roomy feeling as you play, it is quite easy to run away but also easy to get trapped in a spot too. I think this is a tricky map to play on, much more difficult than that from Cobble and Fog or Battle of Legends Vol 1.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary has to be up there with the Invisible Man as the best-looking miniature. She has three faces and disjointed arms coming out of a broken mirror. The legend of Bloody Mary is one that passed me by as a kid. I was very much one to shy away from the supernatural, so I guess it’s not a surprise. Chanting her name three times into a mirror is said to bring her soul back from the dead, and she will steal your soul and keep it for her own. Not something I am willing to try out, but knowing that makes the mini is even more impressive.

Bloody Mary is a tricky character to play, her special ability is that if you start your turn with three cards in hand then you get a bonus third action. This is HUGE because a lot of her cards have abilities that activate if they are played as your third action that turn. I love the dark artwork on this set, it really embodies the horror theme. Bloody Mary is a blast to play, you sometimes will want to not defend simply to ensure you have 3 cards going into your turn. At this point though, the “your opponent discards a card” card action is an absolute monster to your plans. I think this is a tricky character to master, but for me, it is brilliant fun trying.


In the original Battle of Legends set, I loved playing Medusa. She could shoot from so far away and I loved the excitement of seeing if I could pull off the Gaze of Stone card. Spoiler – I haven’t yet! Yennenga is like Medusa on steroids, and I love it. Yennenga is a warrior princess from Burkina Faso. She was a 12th century skilled horsewoman who was a master of the bow and arrow, so in Unmatched she is of course focused around shooting from afar with her battalion of archers.

She has a bunch of Archer tokens and each has two hit points, which you can direct hits from Yennenga to if they are in the same zone as her. Which is simply game changing when you are playing it well. You can sacrifice those archers to save yourself and it is glorious. The archers are also able to be used as a meat shield and control the movement of your opponents whilst Yennenga still rains down the blows at a Melee fighter which is my favourite way to play her. To me Yennenga is a more fun-to-play and more complex version of Medusa and I think Medusa may slip out my “favourite five” in favour of Yennenga.

Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol 2 Set Up

Sun Wukong

I will confess, I did not know who this was before writing this review. Sun Wukong is also known as the Monkey King and is a character in a Chinese Legend from the 16th Century. Sun Wukong is known to be a trickster. The playstyle in Sun Wukong is great fun to play and quite frustrating to play against. At the start of your turn you may take one damage in order to place a clone on the board. These clones only have one health each, but they are incredibly pesky to play against because the clones can use the powerful Sun Wukong cards. These help you stay alive careering around the map hiding behind your clones.

One of the most annoying cards to play against is the “tricked you” card, this is double volley attack, the first attack being zero. But if your opponent defends against the attack (which given the plethora of hard hitting cards in that deck you most likely will), then the second attack has the same value as their defence. I have fallen foul of this one and it killed me off! It feels quite thematic for the trickster to win by lulling you into a trap of cardplay.


I’m going to finish with the best of the set. Achilles is my new favourite character having usurped Bigfoot. Achilles is one of the Ancient Grecian legends, known best for being an incredible unbeatable fighter. That is until his heel weakness is uncovered, so famous we named a body part after it! Achilles has his sidekick Patroclus with him, and unlike in many other characters you actually want Patroclus to die.

Once the sidekick is dead, Achilles goes into rage mode and you become incredibly powerful. As well as just putting Patroclus into harm’s way as much as possible, you also have cards which allow you to deal damage to him. Achilles doesn’t has a bunch of hard-hitting cards, and once Patroclus is dead he is unstoppably powerful in attacks. Trouble is that his constant card drawing really means he runs a risk of running out of his cards and having to take damage for exhaustion.


I have played a lot of Unmatched, and I think as a set, that Unmatched Vol 2 is my favourite one. I have had a while now and I still keep coming back to it. I think it has four characters that I enjoy playing in it, which in all the other sets I have always had a big disparity in how much I enjoy all the characters. If you fancy diving into Unmatched then these are not the easiest characters to start with, but they are I think well worth the effort as they are truly fantastic.

The latest selection of legends has entered the field of battle, where there are no equals. This group of Restoration Games’ hit product introduces four new characters for players to utilise and mix and match with the others. In this how to play, we will be speaking about Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol 2. All of the Unmatched series are fully compatible and the gameplay is the same, regardless of the set, with a few slight changes based on the maps and the characters. So I’ll give you a quick rundown on the general overplay and then I’ll introduce you to what is different in this box. Cool? Cool. Let’s go.

How To Play Unmatched

Unmatched is a card driven combat skirmish game where players take on a character to do combat with each other. Each player takes their own unique deck and character figure with any sidekicks they might have, along with any extra tokens they have and health dials. If a sidekick has a health dial, take this too. If they don’t, each sidekick has one hit point unless otherwise stated.

Each character has their own special abilities and preferred fighting style so take a look at their card to understand what they can do. In turn order, players will place their figure on the numbered spot for their turn order. First player on 1, second on 2 and so on. Any sidekicks the player has are placed anywhere in the same zone, which is any space which shares a colour with the space your figure is currently on. Each player then draws five cards to start the game. The youngest player goes first, according to the rules.

On your turn in Umatched, you must take two actions, which can be the same action or two different ones. The three actions are:

  • Maneuver – First you must draw the top card from your deck. Then you may move your character and any sidekicks up to the move value on the character card. You can move through your own pieces but not your opponents, and you cannot share a space. You can also boost your movement by discarding from your hand and adding the boost value of that card (the small number in the middle right.)
  • Scheme – Play a scheme card (one with a yellow lightning bolt in the top left) and do what is printed on the card. The card will say which fighter it refers to, which could be Any which lets you choose or it will specify one of your characters.
  • Attack – Choose one of your fighters and declare a target. Melee characters can only attack others adjacent to them whereas ranged characters can attack anyone in their zone. Next you choose a combat card, with either a red star icon or a purple versatile icon in the top left, and place it facedown. Like with a scheme card, it must be either an Any card or one which refers to the fighter in combat. Your opponent chooses if they want to defend in the battle, choosing to place either a versatile card or a blue defence card facedown in front of them. If you both committed to battle, flip the cards simultaneously and check if there are any “During Combat” abilities that need to be resolved. Then, compare the combat values in the top left. If the attacker’s number is higher, they win the combat and deal damage to the defender equal to the difference, adjusting the scoring dial appropriately. If the defender did not play a card, their defence is considered a zero. If there is a tie, or the defence value is higher, the defender wins the combat. Finally, you resolve any After Combat effects. If both players have cards with abilities that trigger at the same time, the defender always goes first.

When a fighter is reduced to zero hit points, they are out of the fight and are defeated. Sidekicks are removed from the board and if a hero is defeated, you lose the game. It’s worth nothing that if a card refers to a character that has been defeated, their cards can only be used for boosting. Last character standing wins.

Three And Four Unmatched Players

All the rules and set up above are for two players, so here are the differences for a three and four player game. You choose between two battle modes:

  • Free-for-all, where all characters can attack anyone else on the board. However, on their first turn, they can only attack a hero who is immediately after them in the turn order or has already taken a turn. For example, the first player in a four player game cannot attack the player going third or fourth, but the fourth player can attack anyone. Combat cards referring to “your opponent” refer to the other character in the combat. When a hero is defeated, remove them and their sidekicks from the board. Last player standing wins.
  • Team Play, where you… well, play in teams. Pair up and sit with your partner next to you. You can communicate about cards and tactics but you only control your own hero. Your teammate’s fighters are considered to be friendly and can be moved through. If there are three of you playing in Team Play, one player takes on two heroes and sidekicks. During set up, heroes are placed out in alternating fashion and turns are taken in the same way. When a players hero is defeated, remove it from the battlefield. Sidekicks remain and the player still takes their turn but using the sidekicks instead. If all fighters for a player are defeated, they are eliminated. Again, last team standing wins.


In this Unmatched set, the legendary hero of Ancient Greece with an invulnerable skin but a very vulnerable tendon, and as it turns out, heart. You see, Achilles is paired up with his friend and lover, Patroclus, who according to the story, went out to battle wearing Achilles’ helm to inspire the assault on Troy and was killed.

Achilles starts on 18 health and is a melee fighter with a move of 2. Patroclus is also a melee fighter with 6 starting health. When Patroclus is defeated, Achilles randomly discards two cards and then his ability kicks in. All of Achilles’ attacks gain a +2 bonus and if Achilles wins combat, he gets to draw a card. Several of the cards in this deck deal damage to Achilles or Patroclus to help hasten along the end of Patroclus.

Bloody Mary

Speak her name three times into a mirror and she will appear. The haunted spirit emerges to do battle. She is a melee character with 16 health and a move of 3. Her ability focuses on having exactly three cards in hand at the start of her turn. If you do so, she gains an action. A lot of her cards have an extra ability if the card is used in the third action of a turn, so timing is crucial.

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong is a mythical monkey figure born from stone in the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West. He holds the powers of strength, speed and transformation, as well as summoning clones of himself to do battle. He has a starting health of 17, a movement of two and is a melee fighter. His ability allows him to take a damage at the start of his turn to summon a clone in an empty space adjacent to him. His cards are tricksy, using his clones and various animal forms to bewilder and overpower his opponents.


The mother, princess and commander of the Mossi people, Yennenga was a peerless wielder of the javelin, speer and bow. Yennenga is the only ranged character in this set, with a starting health of 15 and a movement of two. She also has two archers, each with two hit points. Yennenga’s cards focus on her ability to attack from a distance, and bringing her archers back from the dead. Which is handy, since she can use her ability to transfer damage to her archers in her zone instead of taking it herself. She cannot deal more damage to the archers than they have hit points though, so they aren’t infinite damage sponges.

The Maps

Like most Unmatched sets, you have a double-sided map included. In this Battle of Legends Vol 2 set, you have the Hanging Gardens on both sides, although one appears to be a colourblind friendly version. What makes this map special is the addition of terrain advantage. What that means is there are small arrows pointing out from one space to another, with a +1 in it. This means that the player attacking has a bonus when following the arrow. After all, it helps to have the high ground.

Other Features Of This Unmatched Set

Each hero in this box has cards with a bonus attack ability, letting them make two attacks in one action. The first attack is resolved as normal, then the second attack triggers as an After Combat effect. If the bonus attack triggers, it’s resolved as normal and to the same target as the first attack, but it has a new name, effect and value. The Boost value stays the same. If you have no target because they were defeated, you do not trigger the bonus attack.

Zatu Score


  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You might like

  • Brilliant Artwork
  • Hits a big punch in just 20 minutes

Might not like

  • Only one map in this pack, but it is a belter