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How to Play - Imhotep

How to Play – Imhotep

Alex Toren 15/02/2019

Imhotep is a game played over six rounds where each player takes one action to quarry stone, load a stone, deliver a stone or play a card.

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How to Play Tiny Epic Quest

How to Play – Tiny Epic Quest

Alex Toren 30/01/2019

In Tiny Epic Quest players go through 5 rounds of sending out heroes to search for powerful items, learn magic spells, defeat goblins and completing quests.

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How to Play Scythe

How to Play – Scythe

Bill Gordon 16/01/2019

In Scythe, it's up to you to lead your faction, earn resources, gain fame and fortune, establish a new empire, and become a new leader of Eastern Europa.

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How to Play Arkham Horror Third Edition

How to Play – Arkham Horror Third Edition

Alex Toren 18/12/2018

Arkham Horror is a co-operative game where players work together to stop the spread of doom across the city of Arkham. Learn how to play today.

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How to Play Barenpark

How to Play – Barenpark

David Poulsom 26/11/2018

Barenpark is a charming game for 2-4 players designed by Phil Walker-Harding, where you're competing to build the ultimate bear park. Learn how to play.

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How to Play Keyforge

How To Play – Keyforge: Call of the Archons

Joseph Ruffino 23/11/2018

Keyforge is a "Unique Deck Game." That means that every deck you buy is completely different from every other deck. Learn more about playing the game.

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How to Play Dixit

How to Play – Dixit

David Molyneux 09/11/2018

The ever popular Dixit now celebrates its 10th anniversary and is still a firm favourite with casual and veteran gamers alike. Here's how to play the game.

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How to Play Takenoko

How to Play – Takenoko

Louise Rogers 12/10/2018

Takenoko is a lovely game to play when you just want a nice quiet afternoon of gaming. Find out how to get the best from that panda in our guide.

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How to Play Dice Forge

How To Play – Dice Forge

Dice Forge doesn't outstay its welcome. The turns are quick and the decisions are not overly complex. Find out how to play this board game today.

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How to Play Cosmic Encounter

How to Play: Cosmic Encounter

Mitri Ng 12/06/2018

Cosmic Encounter is a game of politics, alliances, betrayals and keeping your head down. Let's take a look at how to play this game by Fantasy Flight.

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