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I'm a mummy, wife, boardgamer, blogger, and geek. Having quickly developed a serious addiction to board games, I have no intention of slowing down! Being a part of the Zatu team is a privilege which allows me to indulge my dual passions of writing and playing games and hopefully, through my small contribution to the community, I can help others find games they love too. It is my dream to get involved in all aspects of the gaming industry one day but for now I am happy living life one game at a time.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

silent storm

Silent Storm EXiT Advent Calendar Review

favouritefoe 30/11/2023

The Silent Storm is both an EXIT game and adventure story: In order to free yourself from this, open a door of the calendar each day.

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Shake that City

Shake That City Review

favouritefoe 30/11/2023

Design the best city block using patterns from the new and exciting “Cube Shaker” in Shake That City! Play solo or with up to 4 players.

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Dragonkeepers Review

favouritefoe 15/11/2023

Wouldn't you love to be able to magic all of the board games in the world into your Kallax? Not quite the goal of Dragonkeepers, but similar!

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Miller Zoo

Miller Zoo Review

favouritefoe 08/11/2023

Miller Zoo is THE cooperative family game where you play as the team in charge of running one of Canada’s most interesting zoos!

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Magic Market

Magic Market Review

favouritefoe 01/11/2023

Today is Magic Market Day and you want to earn lots of Dragos! Get your magical items from the attic and head to the market!

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Master Fox

Master Fox Review

favouritefoe 25/10/2023

Master Fox is a unique sensory experience within reach of your fingers... This game works with the visually impaired.

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Twisty Tracks

Solo Game Of The Week – Twisty Tracks

favouritefoe 20/10/2023

It’s week three of my solo series and this time I am going to be twisting things up with solo game, Twisty Tracks!

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Forever Home

Solo Game Of The Week – Forever Home

favouritefoe 11/10/2023

It’s week two of my solo series and this time I am going to be pulling at your heartstrings! with Forever Home!

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Solo Game Of The Week – Floriferous

favouritefoe 05/10/2023

Falling down the amazing rabbit hole of solo gaming led me straight to the front door (box) of Floriferous!

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Go Cuckoo

Go Cuckoo Review

favouritefoe 20/09/2023

Ever wondered how simple it is to build a nest? Well, it's not that easy... Find out in Go Cuckoo and put your building skills to the test!

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