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pokemon labyrinth

Pokemon Labyrinth Review

If you wanna be the best you must beat, find, & catch all the Pokemon in this nice reskin of a classic family game, Pokemon Labyrinth.

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Warhammer 40k Lore – The Orks

Paul Blyth 27/02/2024

The Orks are a brutal and relentless race, driven by their insatiable love for violence, combat, and destruction. Read on to find out more!

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Pauper’s Ladder: The Moon Towers Review

Euan Beavan 27/02/2024

The Moon Towers expansion for the cosy, competitive adventure game Pauper’s Ladder is here - bringing with it some shiny new mechanisms!

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space base

Space Base Second Opinion

Veli Veli 27/02/2024

Space Base is a highly enjoyable game that strikes a balance between accessibility and strategic depth - read on to find out why!

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Introduction to Legions Imperialis

Ross Coulbeck 26/02/2024

With this comprehensive introduction to Legions Imperialis - you can picture the full scale of the Horus Heresy as it rages across the stars.

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A Song of Ice and Fire: Free Folk Starter Set Review

Harvey Wood 26/02/2024

The free folk set brings the huge cohort of ramshackle warriors into the game of a Song of Ice and Fire in a brilliant starter set!

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Game Pass

What’s on Game Pass? February/March

Ben Titmus 26/02/2024

Mark your calendars for new releases!

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Apiary Review

Sam Graven 26/02/2024

In Apiary, after we are long extinct it is the Bees that have replaced us...but like us, they have over-used the planet’s resources!

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MLEM: Space Agency Review

Sam Graven 26/02/2024

In this charming game, you aim to send your team of cat astronauts (catstronauts?) on missions into deep space!

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Kiri-Ai: The Duel Review

Patrick Purser 26/02/2024

Perched on the edge of a cliff, two samurai confront each other. Enter Kiri-ai: The Duel, an exhilarating clash of strategy and skill.

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