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Silver Award

Tom Harrod

Like many others before him, Tom was lured into the world of board games by being introduced to gateway classics Catan and Carcassonne. These days, however, he’ll most likely be found playing medium-to-heavy Euros such as Le Havre or Tzolk’in, or wearing a nervous face during dexterity games. Tom runs a weekly gaming night for a 200+ members-strong community in Suffolk, where he gets just as much satisfaction teaching games to new attendees as he does playing with the grizzled board game veterans! You can follow the group’s game sessions on Twitter/Instagram by checking out @buryboardgames.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


How To Play Wayfarers of the South Tigris

Tom Harrod 11/07/2024

In Wayfarers, you play as explorers, cartographers and astronomers in Baghdad, 820 AD. But how do you secure first place? Read on to find out

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Books of Time

Books Of Time Review

Tom Harrod 01/05/2024

Books of Time puts a unique twist on tableau building, allowing you to construct three great books with their own sets of special abilities

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Beacon Patrol (1)

How To Play Beacon Patrol

Tom Harrod 11/01/2024

You are captains of the Coast Guard. Together, check beacon buoys & lighthouses to ensure the safety of the North Sea coast in Beacon Patrol.

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Alternative Card Games for Christmas

Top 5 Alternatives to ‘traditional’ Card Games this Christmas

Tom Harrod 02/11/2023

We've put together a list of bright and colourful card games that will be easy to teach to the whole family this Christmas time!

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disney lorcana (1)

Disney Lorcana Preview

Tom Harrod 08/08/2023

Disney Lorcana is right around the corner! This is going to be THE biggest TCG release yet. What can we expect?

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after us

After Us Board Game Review

Tom Harrod 04/08/2023

In 2083, humanity has been extinct for several decades. We're playing After Us. Can be played solo, or up to 6 players!

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my gold mine

How To Play My Gold Mine

Tom Harrod 18/07/2023

Diamonds. Beautiful, precious stones. GOLD! So much treasure hidden deep, deep down in My Gold Mine. There's also a fire breathing dragon.

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Verdant how to play

How To Play Verdant

Tom Harrod 04/07/2023

Take on the role of a houseplant enthusiast – collecting and caring for plants as you compete to create the coziest, most verdant home!

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azul master chocolatier

Azul Master Chocolatier Review

Tom Harrod 30/01/2023

A new Azul is in town, and we're very excited to see it EXCLUSIVLEY at Zatu! Master Chocolatier is exactly where we're happy to be.

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terracotta army (1)

Terracotta Army Review

Tom Harrod 24/01/2023

Create the Terracotta Army and win with the most Victory Points! Collect resources, upgrade workers & seek favour with the Emperor's advisors

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