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Top 10 Shadow Designs In The Persona/SMT Universe

Lauren Skinner 10/05/2024

From adorable to abominable, here are my top 10 favourite Shadow designs from the Persona/Shin Megami Tensei universe!

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Top 6 Spring Board Games

Fred Cronin 20/03/2024

To help perk everyone up and get you all in the mood for spring, here are six of our favourite spring games we think you’ll love!

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Top 5 Disney Villainous Characters

Curator87 13/03/2024

Disney Villainous has grown into such a huge franchise, sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed. So, here are out top 5 Villainous characters!

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Betting Games Long Shot

Top 5 Betting Games

Betting is fun when you don't have a lot on the line to lose. Here are some betting games where you don't need to put anything on the line!

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Blockbuster Boardgame Adaptions

Top 5 Blockbuster Board Game Adaptions

Peter Gardiner 06/02/2024

One of the defining features of a blockbuster is the set pieces: but can these moments be sufficiently captured in board game feel?

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Top 5 Games For Your Valentine

Mitch 05/02/2024

Here at Zatu we are very aware of the imminent arrival of Valentine's Day, and as such we have put together the top five two player games so that you need not worry about how to spend that quality time with your other half.

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News - Gloomhaven Gets Bigger

Top 5 Things That You Will Love to Hate In Gloomhaven

Luke Griffiths 31/01/2024

You know what you're going to love about Gloomhaven but what's going to drive you crazy playing the game? Find out here.

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Top 5 Things You’ll Love About Gloomhaven

Luke Griffiths 31/01/2024

Want to know why you should start to get interested in Gloomhaven if you haven't been able to get into it already?

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Gloomhaven Tips & Tricks EXTRA

Ben Fosbraey 22/01/2024

Having poured countless hours into both Gloomhaven, and Jaws of the Lion, I have compiled some tips and tricks to share with you

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Starfield Tips & Tricks

Lauren Skinner 15/01/2024

Starfield was one of the biggest games of 2023. Here are 12 things I wish someone had told me before I launched myself into the stars.

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