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Silver Award

Matthew Thomasson

The Friendly Boardgamer brings you reviews of all your favourite board games. My content is designed to be short, sucking and straight to the point. d4 D.I.C.E. reviews take dice as an acronym for duration, interaction, complexity and engagement. Audio reviews take the form of 10 minute teardown podcasts in which I review a game in 10 minutes or less giving a brief rules overview and my final thoughts.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Pokemon Advent Calendar

Pokemon Holiday Calendar 2023 Review

25 Days of Pokémon TCG Surprises with the Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar for 2023! Discover plenty of surprises every single day.

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Psylocke Marvel Champions Review

Step into the thrilling world of Marvel Champions and join the battle against evil with the enigmatic Psylocke Hero Pack.

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Deep Dive

Deep Dive Review

Deep Dive is a press-your-luck set-collection game in which you use your waddle of penguins to do a Deep Dive into the ocean for food!

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The White Castle

The White Castle Review

The White Castle is set in modern Japan & Himeji Castle, where the banner of the Sakai clan flys under the orders of the Daimo Saka Tadakiyo.

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valeria card kingdoms

Valeria Card Kingdoms Second Opinion

Valeria: Card Kingdoms is a tableau-building game for 1-5 players and will feel familiar to deck-building fans.

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Leaf Review

Leaf Review

In the game Leaf, players embody the wind by guiding leaves to the forest floor and connecting them to the ones that have already fallen.

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Point City

Point City Second Opinion

Point City is a great game with some very simple rules, and yet still amazing gameplay! It even has great solo play.

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dice throne x-men

NEWS: Marvel Dice Throne X-Men Announced

The latest Dice Throne has been announced and it is time to add more superheroes to your roster in the form of the X-Men.

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Legacy Of Yu (2)

Legacy Of Yu Review

Legacy of Yu is a solo-only, fully-resettable, campaign game in which you step into the role of the legendary hero of the Xia Dynasty

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Obsidian Flames (1)

Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box Review

The Elite Trainer Box for Pokemons Obsidian Flames as got A LOT of hits! What would be your dream pull from this set?

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