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Hannah Blacknell

I've fallen into the board gaming hobby hard now I've found people to share my passion with. I love nothing better than setting a few hours aside to immerse myself in some other place away from this world. I am loving building my collection from the ground up. I am partial to great artwork and high quality components are essential for a game to make the cut. My absolute favourite mechanism has to be deck-building, Hero Realms, Fort and Clank! are among my favourites.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Telestrations Review

Telestrations will keep you all laughing. Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes...

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Unmatched Guide

Which Unmatched Game Should I Buy

You've always wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, but that's kinda impossible. In Unmatched you have the chance to be him! Along with many others!

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Coming In October - Puerto Rico 1897

Coming In October – Puerto Rico 1897

Board games often reflect history and life, which is good for the theme of games but can be equally problematic. Read on here.

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How To Play Hero Realms

This is a simple pure deckbuilding game, and so it should come as no surprise that inside the box is a bunch of cards...

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Abyss Feature

How To Play Abyss

Abyss. The game about undersea politics. Honestly, if that hasn't grabbed your attention yet, I don't know what will - learn how to play now!

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Lost Cities Roll And Write

Top 5 Big Box Roll And Write Games

We've put together our picks for the very best roll and write games. From Catan to Isle Of Cats, check out our list here.

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It’s A Wonderful World cover

How To Play It’s A Wonderful World

It’s A Wonderful World is in my top three games of all time. I love the smooth puzzle of drafting and building up your engine...

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Marvel Unmatched Hell's Kitchen cover

Marvel Unmatched Hell’s Kitchen Review

Redemption Row and Hell’s Kitchen are the first two 3 character sets that have been released. Check out this review!

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Quirky Circuits cover

Quirky Circuits Review

The aim of the game is to program the robots to move around the board collecting the required chits before returning to your start position.

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Marvel Unmatched Redemption Row cover

Marvel Unmatched Redemption Row Review

The aim of the game is to reduce the health of your opponent’s hero to zero. Say hello to Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Luke Cage!

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