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How To Play Next Station: London

Next Station London

Next Station: London is a one to four player flip and write in which players will be redesigning London’s underground rail network. Optimisation and efficiency is key to creating a streamlined yet effective network which traverses London to visit the sights and uses the tunnels that pass under the River Thames.

The game lasts four rounds and in each round players will be drawing networks from their starting departure station to another station. Each player starts off with a different coloured pencil, representing a different line. After each round pencils are passed to another player and after four rounds and each player has drawn networks of all four underground lines, the game ends and points are awarded.


Each player takes a sheet of paper and coloured pencil (or pen). The remaining pencils (or pens) are placed in between all the players or in a row if you are playing solo. All the station cards are shuffled into a face down deck. Each player starts off at the coloured station that represents the colour of their pencil.

How To Play

Each turn, a card is revealed from the stack of station cards which will typically show one of four symbols. Players must start from the station that represents their coloured pencil and draw a line to the revealed symbol. On future turns players can extend from the end of their specific coloured line to an additional symbol. There are limited special cards that allow you to branch off from the end of a line. Lines can not cross another line but and must follow the pre-printed dashed lines on the sheet of paper. You can also not go back to a station that the same coloured line has already departed from.

At the end of each round (when five of the special underground cards have been revealed) points are awarded. You first count how many different districts your route has crossed and multiply this by the number of stations your line passes through in your highest district. You then gain an additional two points for each time your line has crossed the Thames. You also cross off the number of tourists sites that your line has visited on the tourist site score track. You will gain additional points at the end of the game for the number of tourist sites visited.

After the end of the round points are awarded, pencils/pens are rotated, the stations cards are shuffled up and you repeat the process, flipping cards, drawing lines, scoring the line and passing the pencils, until you have drawn all four lines and the end game is triggered.

End game scoring is based on your points from each of the four lines, the number of tourist sites visited (as mentioned above) and interchange stations. Count the number of stations that have two, three or four lines going into them and score two, five and nine points for each station respectively. Total up all your points and the player with the most points is the winner.

Advanced Modules

Either play a few games of the base game or throw these in straight away, Next Station: London comes with two advanced modules that you can play with.

Shared Objectives

As part of set up, the five shared objectives are shuffled and two are randomly drawn and placed face up in the play area. Each player is trying to achieve these objectives throughout the game and will grant the players ten additional points. The objectives are simple enough to understand and are explained in further detail in the rule book.

Pencil Powers

There are four pencil power cards in the game and are shuffled as part of set up. One of each of the cards is assigned to a coloured pencil at the beginning of the game. These powers will move around with the specific coloured pencil but can only be used once per round.

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