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Stefano Paravisi

Hi everyone, I am Stefano. I have been playing board games and video games for as long as I can remember (yes I am that old) and I keep looking for more.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Star Wars Legion Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield

Star Wars Legion: Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield Review

R2-D2 and C-3PO crash landed on Tatooine, the Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield Expansion invites you to play in their desperate mission.

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Merchants Cove Master Craft

Welcome Back To Merchants Cove

We are really being supplied with all the news this year! New releases of games and more! Don't miss out on this one for Merchants Cove.

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EXIT Advent Calendar - The Hunt For The Golden Book Preview

EXIT Release Second Gaming Advent Calendar

Thames & Kosmos are bringing us one step closer to our favourite holidays by releasing a new Advent calendar of the EXIT series!

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Dice Hospital ER

Dice Hospital: ER Review

Oh no!! The dice is hurt. Quick we need to get him to the ER for an Emergency Roll! Dice Hospital's newest edition is here to deliver!

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Paint the Roses

Paint The Roses Review

Set in the world of Alice in Wonderland, Paint the Roses is giving you the chance to arrange the Queen's garden as she wishes!

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Yu-Gi-Oh Ghosts From the Past 2022 Review

Yu-Gi-Oh: Ghosts From the Past 2022 Review

Who's there? For those who know me, I am quite a scaredy-cat but I made a huge exception for YuGiOh! Ghosts From the Past...

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Word Bingo

Word Bingo Review

Bingo can be boring sometimes... SOMETIMES. Word Bingo is giving new ways of playing Bingo, by literally playing with words!

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New Star Realms And Hero Realms Are coming

Games Galore: New Star Realms And Hero Realms Are Coming!

The last few months have been thrilling for fans of Wise Wizard games, with plenty of new products and great new projects. What's new today?

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Rivet Wars

Rivet Wars Will Be Back

The exciting return of Rivet Wars! With the new announcement from Steamforged Games, we are informed of some awesome news!

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Palace of Mad King Ludwig

Palace Of Mad King Ludwig Review

Welcome to Palace of Mad King Ludwig! Building one room at a time, the player with most contributions wins!

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