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The Seven Zombicide Review

The Seven

Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. So, following on from my review of The Boys miniatures for Zombicide, it’s time to turn my attention to that team of suspicious supes who aren’t as heroic as they’re made out to be: The Seven. Players can add Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, Starlight, A-Train, and Soldier Boy to their tabletops as Survivors in Zombicide 2nd Edition. This character pack also includes 7 ID Cards, 7 Ultimate Skill Reference Cards, and a Rules Leaflet.

As with The Boys set, the box is nicely laid out, with a molded space for each character. The models are built but unprimed, and just needed a quick clean-up by scraping off the mold line that ran from one side to the other.

Here are the colours I used to paint the costumes worn by the supes from The Seven (using Citadel paints unless specified otherwise):

Super Villain

The leader of The Seven, Homelander, is dressed in an elaborately patriotic costume that is red, white and blue, with gold accents. I began by using a couple of Contrast paints to block in the main colours on the model: Blood Angels Red and Talassar Blue. For the alternate stripes on his cloak, I used Corax White. For the lines of red on the outfit that were too thin to hit with the Contrast paint, I used Mephiston Red. I picked out the gold details on Homelander’s boots, gloves, shoulders, and belt with Darkstar’s Aged Copper, highlighted with Imperial Gold. I highlighted the blue using Lothern Blue, then shaded the white with Apothecary White and highlighted it using White Scar. On the edges of the red areas, I applied Wild Rider Red.

Queen Of Hearts

Queen Maeve’s outfit has a simple colour scheme of dark red and silver. The paints I used for these were Flesh Tearer’s Red highlighted with Mephiston Red, and then Darkstar’s Steel followed by Pewter. She also has a red gem on each of her wrists, which I painted using Khorne Red, Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wild Rider Red, and finally a reflective dot of White Scar.

Deep Trouble

The Deep wears a green and gold costume. For the green parts, I applied Karandras Green and then Moot Green. For the gold, I used Darkstar’s Aged Copper highlighted with Imperial Gold. I picked out the lines tracing around the edges with Mechanicus Standard Grey. On the base of the model there is a water effect, which I painted by blending together Talassar Blue and Aethermatic Blue while wet, and then highlighted with Lothern Blue and Corax White.

Back In Black

Black Noir has an all-black outfit, which was relatively simple to paint. After applying Black Legion all over, I then highlighted most of the raised edges with Dawnstone, but also chose to use Incubi Darkness on a few select areas to add a little more interest.

Starlight Express

The costume for Starlight is white and gold. I painted it all with Corax White, shaded with Apothecary White, and highlighted with White Scar. Then I picked out the gold details and accessories using Balor Brown, followed by Averland Sunset, and painted the metallic parts with Darkstar’s Aged Copper and Imperial Gold.


I painted A-Train’s entire outfit using Talassar Blue and then picked out some of the details on his chest and legs afterwards with Corax White and Abaddon Black. For the highlights, I used Lothern Blue, White Scar, and Dawnstone.

Soldier, Soldier

Soldier Boy has one of the most colourful costumes of the group. I applied Karandras Green to the main areas, Blood Angels Red to his vambraces and boots, Mechanicus Standard Grey to all the straps and small details, and Darkstar’s Aged Copper to his shiny shield and belt. I highlighted the main areas with Moot Green, the accessories with Wild Rider Red, the details with Administratum Grey, and I used Darkstar’s Imperial Gold on the shield and belt.

Boy Oh Boy

This 'The Seven' set of Zombicide miniatures based on the supes from The Boys would make a great addition to your tabletop. They all have a recognisable likeness to the actors from the TV series, especially Homelander, who has a fittingly smug expression.

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