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Warhammer Bulletin: Gnomes and Nightmares


Welcome to the Warhammer Bulletin, where each week we take a quick look at what’s gone up for pre-order in the Warhammer universe. With the relentless pace of Games Workshops releases, it’s hard to keep up, but we’ll render what assistance we can.

Kill Team

Kill Team: Nightmare

On the 40k skirmish front we have a new box set going up for Kill Team. Nightmare it’s called, and what a Nightmare it is. Mandrakes versus Night Lords. Neither party is someone you’d want in your dreams, but perhaps working for you on the battlefield!


Warcry: Pyre and Flood

Keeping to the skirmish theme but over on the Age of Sigmar side, in Warcry we have the Pyre and Flood box set. This features both grace and ghouls, aelven warriors of the Ydrilan Riverblades versus a horde of Pyregheists, plus a rather nice piece of scenery in my opinion.

Wildercorps Hunters and Gorger Mawpack

Two warbands first seen in the Hunter and Hunted box set will now be available to purchase individually. Would you rather join the woodsmen and hounds of the Wildercorps Hunters or the ravaging hulks of the Gorger Mawpack?

Ravaged Lands

Two nice scenery sets here. Both based primarily on the pieces from the crashed wreck of the Seraphon ship, spawning pool and Realmshaper engine, with some bamboo scaffolding attached, various rope bridges and some Gnarloaks. They would make excellent additions to any table.

Blood Bowl

Glimdwarrow Groundhogs

Stop the presses, this is where the news really is this week. We have Gnomes in Blood Bowl! Yes you heard that right, Gnomes! And they’re not alone, they’ve brought several animals with them, a couple of foxes, a badger and a particularly annoyed looking goose…I’d be wary of that one. Even though they are stunty, they are no halflings, this team likes to get stuck in and many of their players feature the wrestle skill. The box also contains two double-sided coins, two turn and re-roll markers, and four balls.

Rodney Roachbait

Rodney joins the Gnomes as a star player, using his fishing skills to hook the ball from across the field.

Gnome Treeman

While they may be small, the Gnomes understand where big is necessary. Enter the Treeman. Large and ponderous he may be, but ain't nobody getting past him.

Spike! Journal Issue 17

Of course, with a new team there is a new Spike Journal, filled with everything you need to play the Gnomes and learn more about them.

Gnome Team Dice, Cards, and Pitch Set

Want to really embrace Gnomification? Why not get some team dice and the pitch set to show your support. The cards are also handy while playing so it's easier to look up information.


Wicked Brick Display Cases

So this is pretty cool. Wicked Brick have teamed up with Games Workshop to produce high quality display cases for your miniatures. They come in a variety of sizes, from displaying the smallest guardsman to whole chunks of your army. They have non-slip

bases so your model doesn't move, easy access, and the option of a backdrop image to add a little more to your display. For now there only seems to be one backdrop available, but like the Displate crossover, I'm sure more will be added over time.

White Dwarf

Not quite the big one yet, we’re on White Dwarf issue 499. It includes new rules, short stories and hobby features as you’ve come to expect. Necrons messing with time in boarding actions. Rules for bringing some Underworlds warbands into Warcry (more options for uses of your models is always good), and the second part of the White Dwarf crusade campaign.

Black Library

Time for Books! This week we have the following releases:

Deathworlder (Paperback, eBook and Audio)

Shadow of the Eighth (Paperback)

Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium (German - Paperback and eBook)

● The Fall of Cadia: Part 2 (German - Paperback and eBook)

● Scions of the Emperor (French - eBook and Hardback)

● Space Marines Successor Chapters Short Stories (eBook)


Over on Warhammer+ another Loremasters episode has dropped about the Mandrakes, fitting in well with the Kill Team box. Some new painting tutorials on painting cracked black leather, and the first of a two part Battle Report featuring the Black Templates and Necrons in a boarding actions game.