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Emma Grave

Hey there, I’m Emma. I love painting miniatures - anything from 3d printed designs to Warhammer models. My proudest achievements are having my work featured in White Dwarf and being commissioned for the hugely successful Stormlight Premium Miniatures Kickstarter campaign. I really enjoy seeing what other hobbyists in the community are working on so click my links and show me what you’re painting!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Hunter and Hunted

Hunter And Hunted Warcry Review

Emma Grave 14/11/2023

Games Workshop’s recently released Warcry set, Hunter and Hunted, features two exciting new warbands for the Gnarlwood

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Seeds of Rebellion (1)

Seeds Of Rebellion Horizon Forbidden West Preview

Emma Grave 02/11/2023

Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion takes place during the six months leading up to the events of the video game

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Earth's Mightiest

Earth’s Mightiest Core Set Marvel Crisis Protocol Review

Emma Grave 26/10/2023

The battle continues with the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Featuring 13 all-new miniatures of heroes & villains

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The Seven

The Seven Zombicide Review

Emma Grave 26/10/2023

The Boys and The Seven Are Ready to Make Some Zombie Heads Explode in everyones favourite game, Zombicide!

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The Boys Zombicide

The Boys Zombicide Review

Emma Grave 18/10/2023

This set of Zombicide miniatures based on The Boys characters would make a great addition to your tabletop.

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Drakfang Thirsters

Drakfang Thirsters Review

Emma Grave 05/10/2023

Blood Bowls Drakfang Thirsters - a sinister & formidable faction bringing the darkness of vampiric power to the fantasy football arena.

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Hive Fleet Kronos

Hive Fleet Kronos Painting Guide

Emma Grave 26/09/2023

The 'Hive Fleet Kronos’ colour scheme immediately stood out to me, so I read up on their lore.' - This guide is for you!

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blood angels painting guide

Blood Angels Leviathan Space Marines Painting Guide

Emma Grave 15/09/2023

Is it time to get painting some space vampires? If you love to get your miniature paint on, this Blood Angels guide will help for sure!

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Unmatched: Brains And Brawn Review

Emma Grave 11/09/2023

Unmatched: Brains and Brawn is an exhilarating game that encapsulates the essence of the extraordinary combination of intellect and strength.

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Top 10 NOVA Open 2023 Warhammer Reveals

Emma Grave 07/09/2023

The NOVA Open is a Washington-based tabletop wargaming convention. Today we have got the rundown of the top 10 reveals!

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