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Warhammer Bulletin: Darkness and Classics

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Welcome to another Warhammer Bulletin, taking a look each week at what’s gone up for pre-order in the Warhammer universe. This week we have an army set for Slaves to Darkness, and a veritable horde of Old World models being released. Let’s dig in!

Age of Sigmar


Slaves to Darkness Darkoath army set

If you’re drawn to the darker corners of Warhammer's Mortal Realms, it doesn’t get much darker than the Darkoath culture. Rules by the forces of Chaos for as long as anybody can remember, they will make any army quiver in fear.

The Warhammer box set contains 27 all-new Darkoath models:

● 20 Marauders

● 5 Fellriders

● 1 Wilderfiend (Very imposing)

● 1 Chieftan on Warsteed

● Full set of warscroll cards and tokens

● Battletome Supplement: Darkoath

The Old World

Now it’s time to travel back in time, to an age before the Mortal Realms were born, to the world-that-was. But still further, back before the end times where Chaos wasn’t all encompassing. This is the Old World.

Kingdom of Bretonnia

Lady Élisse Duchaard

This beautiful lady on an even more beautiful unicorn is the Prophetess of the Lady and Ariandir, and they are joining the armies of Bretonnia. The lady is a powerful spellcaster.

Lord on Royal Pegasus

Not a lot of normal horses around these parts this week, first a unicorn now a Pegasus. This Bretonnian Lord rides into battle on a Royal Pegasus. He can be acquired now separately to the launch set, and comes with options to be either built as a Duke or a Baron.


An army is nothing without foot soldiers…or at the very least, drafted peasants with pokey sticks. This set with allow you to build 36 glorious Men-at-Arms, which I’m sure won’t instantly get run over by a cavalry charge…mostly likely.

Peasant Bowmen

While these may also be peasants, they have the potential to be highly effective. While the army is being held off by the Men-at-Arms (or taking their time butchering them), these 36 bowmen can rain arrows down upon them.

Transfer Sheet

Nothing adds that extra touch to any army better than transfers. Proudly display your forces livery.

Tomb Kings of Khemri

Casket of Souls

On the other end of the scale, and opposing the Brettonians (and likely everyone else), we have the Tomb Kings, and they seem to have brought the Ark of the Covenant cough sorry, Casket of Souls. A sarcophagus filled with tormented souls that is opened during battle to unleash the souls and scour their enemies.

Necrolith Colossus

If big is what you need, the Necrolith Colossus has got your back.

Orc & Goblin Tribes

Orc Shamans

To channel the great powers of Gork and Mork you’ll need some Shamans. Through some very complicated waving of their army and yelling nonsense, they can be a potent weapon in battle. The pack contains two metal Orc Shamans, one on foot and one riding a boar.

Orc Boyz & Orc Arrer Boyz Mobs

You know we were talking about the Men-at-Arms and the Peasant archers? Well these are them…except they are much more dangerous face-to-face.

Black Orc Mobs

These are the biggest and meanest Orcs around and cover themselves in crude black armour. They spend their days bullying lesser Orcs when their not hacking their foes into tiny pieces. The kit contains 20 Black Orcs.

Orc Boar Boyz Mob

There is little difference here between the Orcs and the boars they are riding, they are both ill-tempered and unpredictable, but if you let them build up enough speed you best get out of their way as there is no stopping them. The box contains 10 Orcs Boar Boyz.

Orc Boar Chariots

Somehow some Orcs managed to attach a...chariot (more like a box with wheels) to some boars and now they think they’re amazing. If you do too you can get 2 of them in this box.

Goblin Shaman

If you want magic a little more on the subtle side, why not try a Goblin Shaman. Just as effective, less than half the size.

Goblin Mob

We’re back to Men-at-Arms again, except these ones are really small and there are loads of them. Through sheer weight of numbers they overwhelm their foes. This box contains 40 goblins.

Night Goblin Mob

Similar to a Goblin Mob, but a bit more moody. They dwell in the dark caverns of the world beneath the World’s Edge Mountains. This box contains 40 Night Goblins.

Goblin Wolf Riders Mob

When you’re only a small Goblin, it’s really handy if you have a giant wolf to ride around on, and even better if you’re in a group of 15 Goblin Wolf Riders armed with shortbows, or spears and shields.