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The Boys Zombicide Review

The Boys Zombicide

Zombicide is on a roll with its special packs, releasing boxes of characters from iconic movies and series that can be added to the 2nd Edition of its base game. Now it’s the turn of The Boys from the popular Amazon Prime TV show adapted from the comic books. This group of vigilantes are usually attempting to thwart the super ‘hero’ team The Seven but now they’ve got a zombie apocalypse to contend with! Players can add Billy Butcher, Hughie, Frenchie, Kimiko, Mother’s Milk, Annie, and Terror the Bulldog to their tabletops as Survivors. This character pack also includes ID Cards, 2 Ultimate Skill Reference Cards, a Terror Equipment Card, a Laser Baby Equipment Card, and a Rules Leaflet.

The box is nicely laid out, with a molded space for each of the seven characters. The models are one-piece so no building is required. They only needed a little bit of cleaning up because there were mold lines running up the sides and over the top of each model.

Here are the colours I used for the outfits of The Boys (using Citadel paints unless specified otherwise):


Billy Butcher is usually dressed all in black. To speed up the painting, I used the Contrast paint Black Legion on his jacket, shirt, trousers, and boots. To add a little more interest to his clothing, I picked a shirt he’d worn in one of the episodes to replicate and did a freehand design of palm trees on his shirt with Corax White. I then highlighted his leather jacket and boots with Dawnstone, and his cotton shirt and trousers with Thunderhawk Blue. Choosing different highlight colours for the black helped to give the impression that his clothes were made from different materials.


I painted Hughie’s jacket using Basilicanum Grey and Administratum Grey, and his t-shirt with Corax White, Apothecary White, and then White Scar. For his trousers, I chose to do them like denim jeans and used Ultramarines Blue followed by Calgar Blue. Then I gave him some classic Converse trainers by using the same white recipe as his t-shirt and then adding Abaddon Black and Dawnstone to the backs and sides.

The French Connection

I gave my favourite character, Frenchie, a brown jacket, red trousers, and black boots. I used Garaghak’s Sewer and XV-88 for the jacket, Blood Angels Red and Wild Rider Red for the trousers, and Black Legion highlighted with Dawnstone for his boots.

Silent Yet Deadly

Kimiko often wears all-black outfits but I liked the bright yellow hoodie she wore in one of the episodes so I picked that for this model’s colour scheme. I applied Iyanden Yellow and highlighted the raised areas with Dorn Yellow. For her trousers, I used Black Legion and Dawnstone.

Got Milk?

Mother’s Milk has a brown leather jacket, which I painted using Garaghak’s Sewer and XV-88. For his t-shirt, I used Basilicanum Grey and Administratum Grey. I painted his trousers with Black Legion and Dawnstone, and then gave him some Adidas trainers in Corax White and White Scar, with three stripes of Abaddon Black to add their iconic pattern down the sides.

Annie You’re A Star

There are two models of Annie (one in The Boys set and one with The Seven) as she has been a member of both teams. This one features a cape though, so it’s the clear winner. For the white areas of her costume, I applied a basecoat of Corax White, then shaded with Apothecary White and highlighted with White Scar. For the gold-coloured cloth, I used Balor Brown and Averland Sunset. Then I picked out the metallic gold details like the stars and her belt with Darkstar’s Aged Copper and Imperial Gold.

Such A Good Boy

Terror is a white Bulldog, so he was pretty simple to paint. I basecoated him with Corax White, shaded using Apothecary White, and highlighted the fur by stippling on some White Scar to give the model a bit of texture. I then picked out his eyes, nose and claws with Abaddon Black and Dawnstone. For his metal collar, I used Darkstar’s Steel followed by Pewter.

Boy Oh Boy

This set of Zombicide miniatures based on The Boys characters would make a great addition to your tabletop. The sculpts bear a close resemblance to the actors from the TV series and I had a really enjoyable time painting them.

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