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The Seven

The Seven Zombicide Review

Emma Grave 26/10/2023

The Boys and The Seven Are Ready to Make Some Zombie Heads Explode in everyones favourite game, Zombicide!

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The Boys Zombicide

The Boys Zombicide Review

Emma Grave 18/10/2023

This set of Zombicide miniatures based on The Boys characters would make a great addition to your tabletop.

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Marvel Zombies Zombicide Review

Liam Priestley 09/10/2023

Inspired by the 2005 comic book series, ‘Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game' puts you into the shoes of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and more!

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New Zombicide – DCeased

Matthew Morgan 03/10/2023

Expanding the Zombicide universe ever further, CMON are bringing the world of Detective Comics to their zombie filled land.

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Zombicide No Rest For The Wicked Review

Josh Cain 02/08/2023

Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked Expansion might be one of CMON Games most iconic franchises. Are you ready for plethora of new enemies?

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monty python

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Zombicide Preview

David Ireland 29/06/2023

And now presenting... something completely different! Monty Python's Flying Circus is a new expansion to Zombicide we're hyped for!

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undead or alive

Undead Or Alive Zombicide Review

Josh Cain 09/06/2023

If this Undead or Alive setting doesn’t tickle your fancy, try one of these on for size instead: modern, sci-fi, fantasy, and Marvel.

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thundercats promo pack 3

Thundercats Promo Pack 3 Zombicide Review

Josh Cain 28/04/2023

When ThunderCats announce a new promo pack or expansion, so many people are queueing up (virtually) to buy it! Find out why with Promo Pack 3

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Zombicide Second Opinion

David Ireland 26/04/2023

Zombicide. The game that took the world by storm upon release. Does this opinion differ to the original review?

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zombicide gear up

Zombicide Gear Up Review

Zombicide Gear Up is a fun flip-and-write game where your goal is to defeat the boss on your round! Activate powers and do not die!

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