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fort hendrix cover

Zombicide 2nd Edition: Fort Hendrix Expansion Review

Paul Blyth 06/04/2022

This military-themed expansion for Zombicide 2nd Edition features Campaign Mode, new regular Equipment and Pimpweapons and Advanced Rules...

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zombicide zc feature

Zombicide 2nd Edition: Washington Z.C. Expansion Review

Paul Blyth 03/08/2021

In Zombicide: Washington Z.C., 1-6 players take on all-new challenges during the zombie apocalypse in the expansion for Zombicide: 2nd Edition

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zombicide 2nd edition feature

Zombicide: 2nd Edition Review

Paul Blyth 30/07/2021

In Zombicide: 2nd Edition, players take on the role of Survivors of the zombie apocalypse making their way through various missions.

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Zombicide Second Edition - Updates Revealed

CMON reveal Zombicide Second Edition Changes

Rob Wright 14/10/2019

The Second Edition of Zombicide launches on Kickstarter this week! Ahead of the launch, CMON have revealed some of the improvements and new additions to the game.

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Zombicide Invader Video Unboxing

Video – Zombicide Invader Unboxing

Josh 31/08/2019

Zombicide heads into space for Invader, the latest entry in the top-selling franchise from Cool Mini or Not. Learn more in our unboxing video.

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Zombicide Second Edition Revealed

News – A Second Edition for Zombicide!

Rob Wright 01/08/2019

Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games have revealed that Zombicide is getting a second edition. It'll be heading to Kickstarter in 2020.

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Zombicide Dark Side Preview

Zombicide Dark Side Preview

Thomas Gorner 14/06/2019

Zombicide Dark Side is the latest entry in the Sci-Fi Zombicide Universe. It follows the theme of Invader, acting as both standalone and expansion.

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Zombicide Angry Neighbors Review

Zombicide Angry Neighbors Review

Matt Buttell 18/02/2019

With Angry Neighbors, there is more of the same content that fans of the original have grown to love, but there are plenty of new things going on here too.

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What We've Been Playing - Photosynthesis

What We’ve Been Playing – December 2018

Josh 08/01/2019

Xmas is a time for family and gaming. Our writers had a busy festive period, and here's what we've been playing during the month of December.

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Root RPG News

News Round Up: Root RPG and Zombicide meets Night of the Living Dead

Robert Wilde 02/11/2018

Essen might be over, but there’s still big gaming news with CMON signing the Night of the Living Dead licence and a Root RPG being confirmed.

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