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EXIT Advent Calendar - The Hunt For The Golden Book Preview

EXIT: Advent Calendar – The Hunt For The Golden Book Preview

Neil Proctor 02/08/2022

Due to last years game selling out incredibly quickly Kosmos have very sensibly made a new Advent Calendar ‘The Hunt For The Golden Book’!

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The Lost Words Card Game Review

The Lost Words Card Game Review

The Lost Words is a beautiful game. Playing it is like reading a good book, or wandering about a museum. Read on today.

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lost cities cover

Top 5 KOSMOS Games

Luke Pickles 07/04/2022

Here's this month's publisher top five for KOSMOS. Check out this blog to see what our bloggers have to think about this!

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the crew mission deep sea feature

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea Review

Northern Dice 08/11/2021

Dive deep into the endless abyss on an unforgettable, cooperative, trick taking adventure. Here’s our thoughts on The Crew: Mission Deep Sea.

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The Crew Feature

The Crew: The Quest for Planet 9 Review

Rob Wright 09/09/2021

The Crew turned trick taking games on their head with it's co-op nature and interwoven campaign. Find out what Rob thinks in his review!

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volcanic island feature

Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island Review

Simon Yates 30/07/2021

Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island is the latest edition in the AGDTS series, from publishers Kosmos. Find out our thoughts!

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Aqualin Feature Image

Aqualin Review

Joshua Oakes 30/09/2020

An abstract strategy game with an aquatic theme and lots of depth (excuse the terrible ocean pun).

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Pillars of the Earth Feature

Pillars of the Earth Review

Tom Harrod 20/09/2020

Pillars of the Earth is a worker placement game based on Ken Follett's book. Players work together to build the Cathedral, but who erects the best?

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Lost Cities Card Game Feature

Lost Cities Card Game Review

Daniel Gresly 22/07/2020

Lost Cities is a classic card game from master designer Reiner Knizia. But can a 20 year old game hold up today? Find out in Daniel's review!

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Exit The Game The Forgotten Island Feature

Exit: The Game – The Forgotten Island Review

Nathan Coombs 16/06/2020

The Forgotten Island is another escape room in a box from Kosmos Games. It's Nathan's first Exit: The Game - will he escape the box? Why's he in a box? Who put him in the box? We'll probably never know...

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