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News – New Range Of Masters Of Crimes Titles

With a wide range of crime scene escape room puzzles on the market, board gamers have been spoiled with opportunities to be a modern hero and save the day. So, it’s about time that someone tipped the scales and put players on the other side of the battle.

Kosmos, publishers of Exit: The Game, are giving players that chance with the new Masters of Crimes series. A collection of four new cooperative games that place you in the roles of criminal masterminds and task you with discovering moles, finding missing members and stealing paintings.

Each game provides a deck of cards, clue components and a rule book; but requires players to take intuition in their own hands as they use google maps, web pages and even phone calls to solve the puzzle.

With four titles being released for the series, players will have the opportunity to play out a variety of crime scenarios and be the ultimate crime boss they’ve always dreamed of becoming. Thankfully, Kosmos have teased what to expect from each, just to whet our appetite:


The eldest son of the Godfather has been killed by someone within your organization, a betrayal that can’t go unanswered. As a valued member of the New York mafia, the task has fallen on you to uncover the mole that’s hiding in your ranks.

Regardless of the methods you use, answers are needed and will be obtained.


As a renowned criminal mastermind, you’re no stranger to an art heist, but then again this is no ordinary painting. You’ll be stealing a famous painting from the Bachmann Gallery in Amsterdam, but with security systems, traps and puzzles between you and the prize, it will be no easy feat.


As the head of a successful drug cartel, you’ve created a true rapture on Isla De Cubaidos. However, the news of a missing superstar Dayana threatens to bring all that down as police arrive on the island to start investigations.

Time is of the essence as you strive to find out what happened to Dayana before the police find more than they ever bargained for.


Liam O’reily, a member of the notorious New York gang has been murdered. Considering that he’d been working with the police from the inside, someone must have caught on. To find out who murdered Liam, you must go undercover in an American prison and solve the mystery from the inside out.

All four titles will be coming to retail in 2024, but exact release dates have not yet been revealed. So, be sure to stop by Zatu as we’ll bring you more about this exciting new series when the news drops. Until then, why not tell us which of these titles you’re most excited for? You can do so by using the @zatugames tag on any social media platforms.