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Gold Award

Rob Wright

After a chance encounter with Gloom about ten years ago, Rob returned like the prodigal son to the gaming fold and hasn't looked back since... though his missus wishes he'd chosen a hobby that wasn't so storage-hungry. When he's not writing about games, buying games or wondering where to store those games (play them?), he runs a number of local game nights and can be seen demoing games at various conventions. Oh, he teaches too.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Paradox Rift

Paradox Rift Pokemon Preview

Rob Wright 27/02/2024

Paradox Rift is the fourth Main Set from Scarlet and Violet and sees the return of some old ‘favourites’ and some new mechanics.

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Pokemon Cards of 2023

Rob Wright 26/02/2024

A rundown of the best Pokémon cards of 2023 where the overall winners are you and me, my fellow Trainer – Pokémon is fun again!

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Heroes of Tenefyr

Will You Be My Pal-entine?

Rob Wright 13/02/2024

For all who want to batten down the hatches every time this Hallmark heart-fest rolls around; here are 5 friendly co-op games for Valentine's

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Forbidden Jungle (1)

Forbidden Jungle Review

Rob Wright 29/01/2024

Forbidden Jungle lives up to its name within the Forbidden series. It's stunning artwork and fun gameplay makes it a must-have!

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Legends of the West

Ticket To Ride Legends Of The West Review

Rob Wright 16/01/2024

Wait a minute, Ticket to Ride LEGACY? Surely a Legacy game tells a story & TTR isn't exactly what you describe as a ‘narrative driven game’.

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Paradox Rift (1)

Paradox Rift Pokemon Review

Rob Wright 04/01/2024

Was Pokemon 151 disappointing? Do we expect the same from Paradox Rift? I'm not sure... let's take a read to find out!

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Captain Marvel And Black Panther

Captain Marvel And Black Panther Dice Throne Review

Rob Wright 26/10/2023

Everybody loves Dice Throne – am I right? Those lovely trays with the folded characters & the individual dice & counters… What about Marvel ?

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Pokemon 151

Pokemon 151 Scarlet And Violet Elite Trainer Box Review

Rob Wright 13/10/2023

Pokemon 151 surprised us this year, in good and bad ways. Let's dive into the good, the bad and the ugly for the Elite Trainer Box

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Obsidian Flames

Obsidian Flames Pokemon Review

Rob Wright 29/08/2023

What is your total goal when opening any Obsidian Flames booster packs, or Elite Trainer Boxes... or the rest of the collection?

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Space Station Phoenix Review

Rob Wright 02/08/2023

Space Station Phoenix is a worker-placement and resource management game set in one of Earth’s possible futures.

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