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Silver Award

Board Game Happy

By day Train Driver and by night Board Gamer (sometimes the other way round). I love light to medium weight games but can be convinced to stray into the hardcore if the game looks good. Game nights are easily the best part of the week either with the family or friends. I Enjoy introducing people to new games and writing reviews. I do have other hobbies but they are not as good.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

5 Towers

5 Towers Review

5 Towers is a great game that somehow works at all player counts which is very unusual for a bidding game.

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Prophecy Review

Can you see into the future? As a Mayan Priest, interpret the cycles of creation and destruction on different calendars in Prophecy!

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The Dwarf King

The Dwarf King Review

The Dwarf King, a trick-taking game played with a deck of 53 cards! The player who scores the most points over seven rounds wins the game.

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New Zealand GWT

New Zealand Great Western Trail Review

Embark on a journey to the pristine landscapes of New Zealand with the Great Western Trail: New Zealand Expansion!

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Seas of Strife

Seas Of Strife Review

In the trick-taking game Seas of Strife, you want to avoid taking tricks as skillfully as you can but playing off-suit might not keep you safe

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gorus Maximus

Gorus Maximus Review

Gorus Maximus is a bloody trick-taking game of gladiatorial combat in which the trump suit can change mid-trick!

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Maskmen Review

Welcome to the world of Pro Wrestling! You must win at any cost or face the wrath of your sponsors in Maskmen

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Foodie Forest

Foodie Forest Review

Foodie Forest is a super fun and super cool almost trick-taking game! The reason behind this may be a good thing, but let's find out.

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Djinn Review

Djinn is trick taking class 101. Four suits with numbers 1 to 15. Then what? Let's take a read of the blog and we can find out!

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Vegetable Stock

Vegetable Stock Review

Grow the vegetables, raise the sale price, and make a fortune in Vegetable Stock! Play a game, we're sure you will love it!

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