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Summer Gaming Heroes

anomia feature

Summer's rolled in like a much-needed 6 in Talisman, and what better excuse to get together with your friend than a solid board game? So without further ado, here are Zatu's Summer Gaming Heroes!


Word gets around fast in this brain-frazzling game.

The first of the Summer Gaming Heroes has fast-paced action, match symbols with your opponent and shout a word related to their topic before they can yell one! Be careful, as saying an unrelated word will result in a discomfiting debacle of defeat.

Will you find yourself lost for words or will you score a victory?

Sushi Go!

Who doesn't love good sushi? Try tell the difference between a tempura and a sashimi as the cards whizz past!

Grab the best combo of sushi to declare yourself the sushi master, but make sure you leave room for pudding or you might take a bite out of your points!

The Mind

Get on each other's frequency with this mind-reading game.

Co-operate with your fellow players in this Spiel des Jahres Nominee. The third of our Summer Gaming Heroes is brilliant in its simplicity, and it could be referred to as more of a shared experience than a game. Deal the cards and lay them in the correct order without communicating to win!

Can you create a connection with those around you?


Rome wasn't built in a day, but with help from dominoes, your kingdom will be up and running in no time.

The next of our Summer Gaming Heroes is the infamous Kingdomino. Expand your territory by placing terrain dominoes around your castle. Become the mightiest of rulers and take the victory!

Can you conquer the table, or will you fall to a rival kingdom?

King Of Tokyo

King Of Tokyo comes in as the fifth of Zatu's Summer Gaming Heroes.

Play as a mutated monster or a rampaging robot to be the first to destroy the city. Take each other on in this kaiju battle royale!

Can you be the first to annihilate the city?


Mix, match and score your way to victory in the next of the Summer Gaming Heroes.

Match colours and shapes in rows and columns to score points. It's easy to learn and play, with rules reminiscent of the all-time classic Scrabble.

Enjoy a bit of family gaming with the simplicity of Qwirkle!


The Bandido is trying to escape the prison, can you and your friends stop him?

This pocket-sized tile-placement game pits you and your friends up against a notorious criminal. Bandido is trying to escape through his secret tunnel network, so you have to block off his exits with the tunnel pieces in your hand!

Will you stop Bandito before the deck runs out?

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Oh no! A zombie pandemic has broken out in the next of the Summer Gaming Heroes!

Most people might see this as a bad thing, but not you. You're a teen and this is a perfect opportunity to do some killin'! Everyone's on the run and it's up to you to hold off against the hoard; can you lock all 4 doors in time?

Forbidden Island

Lastly, we're headed off to the danger-filled Forbidden Island in search of treasure.

Find the 4 scared treasures as a team and get safely off the island before it sinks into the ocean blue. Collect the loot before you find a watery early grave and have some fun with friends while you do it!

Heroes, Assemble

That wraps up the countdown for our 9 Summer Gaming Heroes. I can strongly recommend all of these games as Coiledspring make diverse products that anyone and everyone can enjoy!