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A light-security prisoner is trying to escape through tunnels starting underneath his cell. Will you be able to join forces and cards to stop him? Bandido is a cooperative game of strategy and observation for the entire family.
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Fun for Kids
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  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

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  • Size
  • Price
  • Ease of play

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  • Very little to nothing in truth
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Bandido from Helvetiq is a pocket sized, tile laying, cooperative, maze game. Players take on the role of prison guards, trying to prevent Bandido from escaping jail through an ever-growing series of tunnels.

The game is simple and a fun spatial puzzle.

Players have a hand of three tunnel tiles and on their turn play one tile and then draw back up to three.

The tunnel tiles played will sometimes increase the number of junctions in the tunnel system. This gives the Bandido more options and so it easier for him to escape. Happily though, at times players will join two branches back to one, or seal a tunnel off with a dead end. The aim of the game is to seal all tunnels; so that the Bandido cannot escape.

To make things more challenging, players cannot discuss their tiles and so can inadvertently undo the planned move of the next player!

The graphic design is spot on and the 70 tiles feel and look great.

Bandido is easy to learn, a lot of fun and is a quick to play cooperative game that is accessible enough for children yet provides entertainment and challenge as a light filler on game night.

Number of players 1-4
Game length 10-15 mins
Age 6+

Taken from Board Game Geek


So you have heard of small games with a big impact, well Bandido is a pocket game with an almighty whack! That’s right you can quite literally fit this game in your trouser pocket and have endless fun wherever you go!

Bandido is a game for 1-4 players.  The aim of the game, stop that pesky Bandit escaping his prison cell by blocking of all the tunnel routes of escape.  Sounds easy right?  Well with only a limited number of capture cards and tunnel cards which can quickly grow out of control as well as  multiple players all trying to agree on where to place such cards without being able to see one another’s cards until they are played, maybe not as easy as it sounds after all!

Bandido’h – Addictively Frustrating!

Whether you play solo or with other players, one thing is certain, if at first you don’t succeed you will try again, and again…. And again!

That’s right, this game has a special niche to it, like Pandemic before it, what I mean by this is you can have just as much fun losing this game as you can winning!  It will bring you back again and again, when you win and even more so if you don’t.

There is the option to make the game a little easier in that the Bandido start card has an easier option (Less Tunnels, 5) as well as a more difficult one (6).  You simply flick it over to choose which options you want to play with.

For your first few games I would recommend starting with the slightly easier option, once you master this then you can move on to the more challenging side of the card.  Its equal fun and frustration either way.

Another great attribute to the game is that if you want to you can even play it solo.  Solo gaming is not for everyone but this game provides fun for both group and individual play.  So practice, practice, practice until your hearts content, or you go crazy with frustration! – Each to their own.

Kid Friendly?

We’re catching the bad guy, so its fine right?  Right indeed!  This game is perfect for kids and I find myself playing it more and more with my kids, who annoyingly are better than me!   Rainy days or a quick 10 minutes before Tea (Yes am Northern so it’s Tea to me) it’s just perfect for.  

Easy to teach, easy to play and easy to have fun – a winning combination and a must for the collection, this little pocket game certainly packs a punch!

Play Anywhere

As mentioned this game is tiny with a lot of fun crammed into its tiny box, meaning you can literally play it anywhere, anytime.  Trips away, camping, lunch breaks etc, the only thing is you might need a little more space as those crazy Bandido tunnels will grow and grow as you try to capture him.

Overall this is a no brainer of a purchase for any gamer, it hits all the right notes and you cannot go wrong, especially at the low low price on Zatu – It would be Criminal not to purchase it!  (Sorry I couldn’t resist! – Bad dad jokes!)

Zatu Score


  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You might like

  • Size
  • Price
  • Ease of play

Might not like

  • Very little to nothing in truth