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final fantasy VII livestream feature image

Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Stream Recap

Paul Blyth 24/06/2022

I was excited for this stream and hopeful they would announce the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. And they did!

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capcom showcase 2022 feature

Capcom 2022 Showcase Recap

Paul Blyth 17/06/2022

Here we are again with a bunch of new details about some upcoming titles from the Capcom Showcase - here’s what you missed!

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xbox and bethesda showcase 2022 feature

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

We've recapped the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 - find out the hottest upcoming games and announcements!

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Video Game News Round Up May 2022

Video Game News Round-Up May 2022

Paul Blyth 31/05/2022

Will you get your scare on with The Quarry? Have a kick about with Mario Strikers? Let us know on social media and I’ll see you next time.

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What's on Game Pass June 2022

What’s on Game Pass? June 2022

The past month has seen a windfall of titles arrive on Game Pass, including some big titles. These are the ones I enjoyed the most.

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Steel Colosseum Expansions

Steel Colosseum Expansions Revealed

Hope 26/05/2022

Steel Colosseum has two fantastic expansions that add new characters and cards to customise the way you play - and, yes, more robot minis!

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fantasy realms deluxe edition

Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition News

Neil Proctor 24/05/2022

Wizkids has now announced a new Deluxe Edition of Fantasy Realms is due to hit retail later this year. Find out more here!

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Golden Geek Feature

16th Annual Golden Geek Awards (2021)

favouritefoe 18/05/2022

In its 16th year, Board Game Geek (BGG) opened up nominations for its Annual Golden Geek Awards in a whopping 15 categories!

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Viticulture World cover

News: Viticulture World

favouritefoe 12/05/2022

For next month Stonemaier Games are releasing a co-operative expansion to their legendary Viticulture empire!

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EA Officially Ditches the FIFA Brand

EA Officially Ditches the FIFA Brand

Paul Blyth 12/05/2022

Beginning in 2023, EA’s flagship football title will no longer be called FIFA. Does this spell danger for EA’s future football titles?

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