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Unlock! Star Wars Review Updated Photo

Unlock! Star Wars Escape Review

Simon Yates 04/05/2022

“Play, You Must…”, Unlock! Star Wars Escape Game. This is great at merging a successful franchise with a successful film. The force is with this one!

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EXIT the Game Guide Feature

A Guide to the EXIT Games

Simon Yates 14/09/2021

EXIT: The Game from Kosmos Games is a series of escape room in a box style of games. How does it work? Should you try them? Here's a handy guide!

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The Shining Feature

The Shining: Escape from the Outlook Hotel Review

Nick Welford 05/03/2021

The Shining Escape from the Outlook Hotel casts you as Wendy and Danny trying to escape Jack and the hotel itself! Look, use and shine your way to safety!

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Exit A Stormy Flight Box

EXIT: The Stormy Flight Review

Thomas Gorner 28/01/2021

Exit: The Game is a series of games which each house a unique “escape room” experience for you to play at home. Enter The Stormy Flight!

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Unlock Timeless Adventures Art

Unlock: Timeless Adventures Review

Kirsty Hewitt 13/11/2020

If you enjoy escape room style puzzles then it is definitely worth looking into one of the Unlock boxes. Timeless Adventures is a great starting point.

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Exit The Game The Forgotten Island Feature

Exit: The Game – The Forgotten Island Review

Nathan Coombs 16/06/2020

The Forgotten Island is another escape room in a box from Kosmos Games. It's Nathan's first Exit: The Game - will he escape the box? Why's he in a box? Who put him in the box? We'll probably never know...

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Wexell Escape Room Kit Feature

The Wexell Escape Room Kit Preview

The Wexell Escape Room Kit gives you the tools needed to turn your own house into an escape room. Matt puzzles his way through it!

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The Pharaoh's Tomb Feature

Exit: The Game – The Pharaoh’s Tomb Review

The Pharaoh's Tomb is one of the Exit Series. These escape rooms in a box style games see you thinking outside the box to solve them!

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Escape Tales Feature

Escape Tales: Low Memory Review

Pete Douglas 18/04/2020

Escape Tales: Low Memory was a brilliant experience and one I will be trying again with their other titles. It’s mix of gaming styles, beautifully woven story and clever little puzzles works so well.

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