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Day At The Festival – Review

favouritefoe 30/05/2023

Day At The Festival is a super 1,000 piece jigsaw that includes 101 hidden band/artists. And after piecing together the picture, the real fun begins.

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Mayhem in the Library

Mayhem In The Library Review

Are you a lover of puzzles, books and riddles? Well then Mayhem in the Library is the perfect game for you! What are you waiting for?

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Loco Moco

Loco Momo Review

favouritefoe 29/06/2022

Once upon a time there was an enchanted forest called Loco Momo. Explore this forest as a bear or maybe even a rabbit?

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Katamino cover

Katamino Review

favouritefoe 04/04/2022

Katamino has 12 lovely, chunky, colourful, wooden polyomino pieces and a wooden grid board. Click here to find out more...

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Children Of Wyrmwoods Art

Children Of Wyrmwoods Review

Children of Wyrmwoods combines in-depth storytelling with escape room puzzles. Follow the protagonist on his journey through the Wyrmwoods.

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Picture Perfect Review

Picture Perfect Review

Nick Welford 31/01/2022

Picture perfect is a game I can easily teach to friends and family, and also a hit with gamers too. Read on here!

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Day At The Festival Puzzle Feature

Day At The Festival Puzzle Review

favouritefoe 23/11/2021

If you like jigsaws with an added level of puzzliness, then Day at the Festival Puzzle could definitely be one for you!  

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night at the movies feature

Night At The Movies Puzzle Review

favouritefoe 04/10/2021

Welcome to Night at the Movies, a 1,000 piece puzzle that will have you scratching your head in more ways than one.

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brains japanese garden puzzle box

Brains Japanese Garden Puzzle Game Review

favouritefoe 28/05/2021

The cutest puzzle you ever worked out! Brains Japanese Garden Puzzle is compact and calming. Find out how it plays here and become a Zen master.

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Qwirkle Review

Qwirkle Review

I’ve had a copy of Qwirkle for a few years now. Up until about two years ago, it was one of about three board games I possessed. Read on here.

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