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News Round Up: Batman, Whistle Stop and More

Batman News - Whistle Stop Rocky Mountains Expansion

After all the announcements at the Toy Fair last week, the last few days have been quiet… unless you’re a Batman fan, in which case you’re now selling furniture to get on board the new Kickstarter.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles comes to Kickstarter with the T Rex

The big Kickstarter event of the week, if not the month, is the arrival of the Batman: Gotham City Chronicles miniatures game. This promises a huge range of figures pulling on the long history of Batman comics and visual media, including Batman himself, Robin, Alfred, The Joker, Penguin, the Riddler… we could go on and on.

There are two pledge levels, one for the base game which is a box with heroes and a box with villains, and a stonking $320 level that gets you a pile more, including the Penguin, a Batmobile, and the T Rex.

The T Rex? Yes, Monolith have mined the Batman back catalogue and included the often overlooked mechanical T-Rex stored in the Batcave. So, what else do you need to know? This entire game is a Kickstarter Exclusive, so you need to decide pretty quick if you want it, and it is based on the game system Monolith used for Conan, albeit with changes to fit the material. One player controls the baddies, and a group of one to three other players are the goodies.

The fundraiser soared past a million quid and is still going strong with a month remaining.

Whistle Stop is going to the Rockies

Trains aren’t natural bedfellows with mountains, posing all sorts of engineering problems… and now gaming problems, because Bezier Games are producing the Rocky Mountains Expansion for Whistle Stop. This adds an entire new section to the board as well as more tracks, ways of getting your trains across the cliffs, and of course: some six point gold nugget tokens.

We’re looking at an August 2018 release date for this one.

Azul wins top French game prize

The As d’Or is essentially the French Spiel des Jahres, and the main prize for the last year has gone to Azul, the acclaimed and very enjoyable tile layer. There’s an expert category and Terraforming Mars bagged that one, while children should seek out their category winner Outfoxed, both worthy winners.

Z-Man announce Lowlands

2017’s ‘Das tiefe Land’ is getting an English language release from Z-Man Games in just a few months, and it looks like Agricola mixed with Pandemic: Rising Tide. Let me explain: You are in charge of a lowland sheep farm, so you have to use your team of farmers to expand your facilities, produce sheep and all that comfortably familiar jazz. But you are also working to keep the dike high enough to stop the North Sea, and if everyone focuses on their own farms they could be swept away.

Prepare to become a Tour Operator

Have you ever wanted to be in charge of a tour party, as you herd those cats round places of interest? Your scribe hadn’t until this week when news of Tour Operator broke, a new release from Keep Exploring Games.

You play a travel agency seeking to please tourists with a range of needs, moving them round the cities on the board in competition with your other players. Competition? Yes, because each city can only be scored once. The aim is the happiest passengers, not the most money. Spiel 18 is the target release date.