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A Guide to the EXIT Games

EXIT the Game Guide Feature

EXIT – The Game

EXIT - The Game is an exploratory, mysterious, feature-filled series of over fifteen “at-home escape room” games. Each game within the series enables players to bring the upcoming trend of escape room experiences into their own homes.

Players may find themselves entering (and possibly never EXITing) “The House of Riddles” or “The Catacombs of Horror”, appreciating a trip on the Orient Express in “Dead Man on the Orient Express” or taking a “Stormy Flight”. Each game explores a unique theme, is assigned its own difficultly rating, and offers players an escape from reality for a couple of hours.

These games can be a central part of a good date or games night. Cherished by both escape room enthusiasts and puzzle lovers. Satisfy an inquisitive mind or those curious to see what this series is all about…

The Concept

The concept remains true across all the games within the series. Whereby up to four players are placed into the heart of a game scenario. Having gained an understanding of their surroundings the aim is for them to escape or solve the puzzle (sometimes a murder) in the quickest time possible. Doing this while using the least amount of help and solution cards.

The solution can only be achieved by successfully completing the sequence of challenges players discover as the game progresses. Using only the information the players have in front of them, their intuition, problem-solving skills and the “strange items” discovered throughout the game.

Using the time taken to escape, and the total number of help and solution cards players used during the game. A ten-star rating is then calculatable. This rating can then be displayed proudly on their game completion certificate.

Think Outside the Box

Each of the EXIT games displays a number of key statistics to help players chose the right game for them. Deciding on whether players wish to participate in a game focused more on Strategy, Luck, Escape Room Fun or Riddle Solving will aid in this choice. The most important statistic however is the difficulty of the game to be played. It's measured on a five-point scale, from Novice to Expert.

If players are new to the series it would be highly recommended to start with a game rated two for difficulty, working their way up through the difficulties to the hardest game in the series, “The Catacombs of Horror”. A four-point five rated difficulty game of two parts, double the length and even including the need to burn a candle..! You will need to be 16+ to play this one though.

The games can however be played in any order. Players can obtain as much enjoyment from playing them sequentially as they can by mixing the order of them up. Be sure also to select a game that is age-appropriate, with the games ranging in age group suitability.

Think Inside the Box

Each game is packed cleverly into a small box, which makes these games very easy to store.

Within each box, players are presented with Riddle Cards, Answer Cards, Help Cards, Solution Cards, Strange Items, a Decoder Disk, and a Game Book. Players are asked to provide their own pen, pencil, ruler, scissors, and stopwatch. They then have everything they need to start their adventure.

Players wishing to add extra atmosphere to their game can also download the handy companion app. It includes a timer, soundtrack, and the ability to automatically work out their star rating at the end of the game.

Game Play

Each EXIT game takes 5-10 minutes to set up, whilst players ensure they have laid out all the parts of the game in front of them, setting aside any items which are not to be discovered until later on in the game. A game typically lasts anywhere between 45-180 minutes, depending on the complexity of the game and the experience of the players undertaking the game.

Without giving too much away at this point, a game starts by players reading their scenario brief and starting to solve their first challenge. The game then evolves as players discover further game material, riddle cards and strange items, all required to solve the ten challenges presented within the game.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to put into words how these little boxes of adventure can leave you so exhilarated and immersed within their theme, as you race against the timer to achieve the coveted ten-star rating! Equally, there is something strangely satisfying about putting the time requirement to one side and trying to complete an entire game without utilising any, or a minimal amount, of the help or solution cards.

No matter how the players chose to play their game, they will find themselves yearning for their next adventure into the EXIT – The Game world. With at least three new releases for the past four years, this series of games is growing each year, leaving fans with a huge amount of anticipation for the next release…

It is a real shame there is no replayability with these games, but this is solely driven by the nature of their gameplay. Players already know the answers to all the challenges once they have completed their game. The downside, therefore, is the games are not 100% recyclable, which for a one-time use game it would be nice to see.

These games are a great alternative from the traditional escape room experience, competitively priced against them and are sure to be loved by anybody who wishes to escape reality in their own homes for a couple of hours or even longer if you do not escape!  

Editors note: This blog was originally published on July 10th, 2020. Updated on September 14, 2021 to improve the information available.