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Simon Yates

Software Engineer by day, Star Wars memorabilia collector (1,800+ items), board game and escape room enthusiast by night! Board Games have always been a central part of my family life and having recently married I am looking to keep board games at the heart of my future family, with my wife who shares an equal appreciation of Board Games.

Spending 7+ hours behind a computer screen in the day, Board Games offer a non-technology-based escape in my free time. I enjoy lots of different genres of game, but have been particularly drawn to hidden role player and at home escape room themed games most recently. Games tied to film franchises such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park are also a must for me!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Unlock! Star Wars Review Updated Photo

Unlock! Star Wars Escape Review

Simon Yates 04/05/2022

“Play, You Must…”, Unlock! Star Wars Escape Game. This is great at merging a successful franchise with a successful film. The force is with this one!

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Martian Fluxx Cover

Martian Fluxx Review

Simon Yates 01/03/2022

Martian Fluxx expands on Fluxx. By including ungoal and meta rule cards, as well as branding several cards with special Icons.

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Adventure Games The Grand Hotel Abaddon Feature

Adventure Games: The Grand Hotel Abaddon Review

Simon Yates 09/11/2021

It is clear Kosmos has been hard at work. Not just creating another game, but identifying ways in which they can improve the series.

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EXIT the Game Guide Feature

A Guide to the EXIT Games

Simon Yates 14/09/2021

EXIT: The Game from Kosmos Games is a series of escape room in a box style of games. How does it work? Should you try them? Here's a handy guide!

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volcanic island feature

Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island Review

Simon Yates 30/07/2021

Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island is the latest edition in the AGDTS series, from publishers Kosmos. Find out our thoughts!

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fluxx oz box

Oz Fluxx Review

Simon Yates 20/07/2021

Find out everything you ever needed to know about Playing Fluxx...Wizard of Oz style! With our handy review here at Zatu Games!

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Adventure Games The dungeon art

Adventure Games: The Dungeon Review

Simon Yates 08/06/2021

Find out all about Adventure Games' The Dungeon. How do you play, build, and win? Find out in our handy review here at Zatu Games!

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harry potter labyrinth feature

Harry Potter Labyrinth Review

Simon Yates 14/01/2021

Harry Potter Labyrinth is a game which can be appreciated by Potterheads and those new to the Harry Potter franchise alike.

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Monochrome Inc. Review

Simon Yates 13/08/2020

For fans of EXIT The Game, look no further than Monochrome Inc. This is the latest in a new series of adventure games from Kosmos. Read our review here.

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Ghostbuster The Card Game Feature

Ghostbusters: The Card Game Review

Simon Yates 29/07/2020

Ghostbuster The Card Game is here to answer the question - 'Who ya gonna call?' Simon tries to avoid crossing the beams and getting slimed in his review!

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