Exit: Catacombs Of Horror

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Gloomy crypts lie under the city of Paris. The catacombs swallow city light, riddles, and, apparently, also people. After the mysterious disappearance of a friend in the catacombs, you and your team embark on a search party, making your way through the puzzling underground labyrinth. Will you be able to find your friend in time and escape this cavernous world of darkness? This doubl…
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Exit: Catacombs of Horror by Kosmos games is the first two stage edition in the Exit series of escape room puzzle games; players can experience in two sittings if desired.

The story opens with a letter from an archaeologist in trouble. who has stumbled over a complex labyrinth. It is clear they are concerned that there are dark forces involved and that they are in grave danger.

In game, you and up to three other players work together to solve a series of complex puzzles that will help unlock clues to uncover the path your friend had been investigating before going missing.

The puzzles include numeric and word puzzles, mazes and hidden messages. There are physical/spatial puzzles and some draw dropping moments in game.

The system used requires the special decoding disk that players rotate. Icons from the clues are matched to display a code. If puzzles are solved correctly, the resulting code links to the numbered deck of cards. These provide you with the answer and if correct will unlock additional clues.

The game contains three decks of cards: puzzle cards that contain hints and puzzle elements that support the booklet that leads you through the catacombs; clue cards, used when players are struggling and the solution deck, to check your answers and provide additional puzzle elements. There are additional special items that become available throughout play.

Please note, some cards and items have to be cut and folded. This game is one use only.

At the end of the experience, time and number of clues used provide an overall score.

Based in a dark fantasy world with grizzly horror moments, complex and challenging puzzles, Exit: Catacombs of horror delivers an amazing escape room experience in a box with some seriously stand out moments.

Number of players 1-4
Game time 120-240 mins
Age 16+