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News – A Second Edition for Zombicide!

Zombicide Second Edition Revealed

Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games have revealed that Zombicide is getting a second edition. They have promised that the second edition of the co-operative zombie-killing game will be more playable than ever.

The original game was released in 2012. In Zombicide, up to six players control survivors who must work together in order to beat hordes of zombies. They had to battle through 25 story-based scenarios, all set in an infested city.

The first game quickly achieved cult status, spawning several expansions and variations. They ranged from the Med-Evil fantasy undead in Black Plague, to space zombies in Invader.

Zombicide Second Edition

The second edition of Zombicide is not planning on changing the entire game. In fact, current collections will be backwards compatible. However, it plans on making the rules more streamlined and refined. It's hoped that players will be in the once-beating heart of the action as soon as possible.

The emphasis in Zombicide remains on story-driven, interconnected play, but the new edition will include new components, including new, durable plastic dash boards and, hopefully just as durable, 6 new child survivors for those fans of Night of The Comet or The Girl With All The Gifts. The terrifyingly monstrous Abomination will also be returning, only now there will be twice as many of them, just in case you thought things were getting too easy.

Senior producer at CMON, Thiago Aranha, has said of the new edition:

"We've gone through every aspect of the game. Including making doors easier to work, to updating how the car drives on the board, to reworking target priority for ranged attacks and adding in dark zones that will hide zombies from survivor's bullets. We've checked where we could improve and make the Zombicide game experience all that it could be. We're very proud with how this new edition has turned out. It'll provide the thrill of Zombicide. whilst challenging returning players in new ways.

The second edition of Zombicide will appear on Kickstarter in 2020. Whilst you're waiting, check out our review of the original game.