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New Villainous Expansion has real Scar-Quality

News - Scar coming to Disney Villainous

Ravensburger’s 2018 release, Villainous, proved to be a big hit, and not just with kids and Disneyphiles – I mean, what could be more fun than playing the bad guys from your childhood favourites? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

The base game included an original cast of infamous faces. This included characters such as:

  • Jafar from Aladdin.
  • Captain Hook from Peter Pan.
  • King John from Robin Hood.
  • Ursula from The Little Mermaid.
  • The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

They will be now joined by three new characters in September’s expansion, Wicked to the Core. They are:

  • Hades from Hercules.
  • The Evil Queen from Snow White.
  • Dr Facilier from the Princess and the Frog.

This standalone should keep fans of the game going for the time being. However, Ravensburger now appear to be teasing the next expansion; Evil Comes Prepared.

Scar! Is that You?

A 'leaked' image showed the three confirmed characters along with the current roster, but also showed three more figures in silhouette and poised on Pride Rock. Rumours were abound, rumours which were later confirmed in a ‘slip up’ on the product page, that the new characters were Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, Ratigan from Basil, The great Mouse Detective and, most fittingly, Scar from The Lion King.

Scar Villainous Teaser (Credit: Ravensburger)

Are we to get the big bad kitty? With a live action film on the big screen right now, it would seem like a pretty shrewd move, but Ravensburger have hinted at more details being available this week.

In the spirit of teasing, rumours and complete spurious fibs, here are a couple of suggestions for Villains that should make the cut…

Lotso Hugging Bear

“I’m lotso hugging bear – evil beyond compare!” Look, he tried to burn up an entire generation’s childhood memories – surely this makes him an inevitability. He could be strawberry scented too…

Cruella DeVille

So, she has a dog problem, and she didn’t get the memo from Peta, could you really have a more stylish mallen-streaked piece? Makes it worth that alone.

Darth Vader

Star Wars has its own kingdom at Disneyland, surely the Sith to be with needs some high profile inclusion? Do not underestimate the power of the force…


Is he or isn’t he? Who cares! Old reindeer games and the Hulk’s favourite fly-swat would help to up the hero and mythology factor. Plus, the god of mischief in a game about mischief? Sign me up to the Hidd-train!

The Passage of Time

Getting a bit meta, surely the passage of time is the biggest villain in Inside, Up, Toy Story… damn, I think I might have bummed myself out… better get some chocolate…