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founder of gloomhaven feature

Founders of Gloomhaven Review

Kyle Gormley 14/04/2021

Have you ever played Gloomhaven and wondered how the city came to be? Well, now you can find out! In Founders of Gloomhaven, you will be building it!

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Forgotten Circles Gloomhaven Review

Forgotten Circles Gloomhaven Review

Fred Cronin 09/03/2021

Let’s find out how Forgotten Circles compares to the original. This review won’t spoil any story elements or secrets but that will limit what I can discuss. 

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Frosthaven Preview

Frosthaven Preview

Thom Newton 12/10/2020

Frosthaven is the most backed boardgame kickstarter of 2020 with just shy of $13 million dollars.You don’t get those numbers without being special, and Frosthaven is just that.

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Jaws of the lion feature image

Jaws Of The Lion Review

Jim Cohen 05/10/2020

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion retains a lot of the things that make the original game great. But all the things that make it inaccessible are gone!

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Jaws of the Lion Feature

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Preview

Thom Newton 09/07/2020

Jaws of the Lion is a bite sized version of Gloomhaven if the bite belonged to a T-Rex. Streamlining the mega selling game into an approachable adventure.

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News - Gloomhaven goes digital

Gloomhaven Goes Digital Today!

Gloomhaven has now gone digital. Developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and published by Asmodee Digital, Gloomhaven early access is now available on Steam.

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Games that may have passed me by - Twilight Imperium

Games That May Have Passed Me By (For Now At Least)

Nathan Halford 02/05/2019

I am very much aware that some of the games I would love to play may have escaped me for now, for one reason or another. Here are the top three on my list.

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Simon's Christmas Wishlist

Simon’s Christmas Wishlist 2018

Simon Lavender 20/12/2018

Here are the top five board games that I hope to receive from Father Christmas this year, including titles such as Gloomhaven and Fleet!

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What Makes us Keep Playing a Game - The Mummy's Curse

What makes us keep playing a game?

Ben Garry 15/11/2018

In this third post out of four, I’m turning my attention to what makes us keep playing a game. What turns a good first experience into a favourite?

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Tabletop Gaming Live 2018

Tabletop Gaming Live 2018 – A Retrospective

Josh 09/10/2018

Last month we attended Tabletop Gaming Live 2018, held at Alexandra Palace. Not only was this the inaugural Tabletop Live show, but it was the first national convention where we […]

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