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Warhammer 40k: Kroot Hunting Pack Review


Warhammer has released a new box of miniatures for those of us who’ve been dreaming of painting and/or playing an all-Kroot army in games of Warhammer 40k. The Kroot Hunting Pack features 26 new miniatures, a limited edition T’au Empire codex, and Datasheet cards for the T’au Empire.

Shiny New Models

The Kroot excel at fieldcraft, ambushes, and guerilla warfare. They are deadly both at range (firing volleys before moving out of the enemies’ range) and in close combat (charging into battle to tear foes apart and then feeding on the remains). The Hunting Pack includes a great range of models, all with new designs. There are twenty Kroot Carnivores, a War Shaper, a Flesh Shaper, three Krootox Rampagers, and one Krootox Rider.

In the past, there has been just one Kroot Shaper, but Warhammer have now expanded on this by revealing three different kinds of these important Kroot leaders. The Trail Shaper is due to be released sometime in the near future. The War Shaper is described as a seasoned battlefield commander, responsible for deploying Kroot forces in the field. These expert warriors can carry either a bladestave and prey-hook, or a dart-bow and tri-blade. The Flesh Shaper is a master of butchery who takes pride in ensuring their kindred’s strong evolution by deciding which types of prey to consume. They wield twin ritualistic blades and a scattergun.

Most of a Kroot force is composed of Carnivores, who are skilled at marksmanship and close combat. There are twenty of these in the box and their new design is much more dynamic and characterful. The Long-quill (you can take one of these with a unit of 9-19 Carnivores) can replace the standard rifle with a carbine and its model can be accompanied by an adorable Kroot hound pup.

The Krootox is a hulking beast big enough to carry a Kroot rider with either a repeater cannon or tangelcannon on its back. These strong yet mobile creatures are adorned with bangles and other ornaments signalling their high status.

Krootox Rampagers run in packs, often leading the charge or ambushing enemies while their Kroot riders hurl javelins and swing hunting blades from above. This gives each Rampager a mighty seven attacks in close combat. There are three of these models in the box and you can take 3-6 in a unit.

Crack the Codex

The updated T’au Empire codex included with the Hunting Pack is an exclusive edition with a matt cover and azure blue metallic foil detailing. It is currently only available in this box. The stunning full-art cover designs feature battlesuits on the front and Kroot on the back. This codex, along with a set of 44 handy data cards, are packaged together in a cardboard slipcase folder.

Inside the codex, there is a section detailing the history of the T’au Empire, a showcase of painted models on the battlefield, information for games of Combat Patrol, Detachment rules (for Kauyon, Mont’ka, Retaliation Cadre, and Kroot), datasheets, Crusade rules, and points values.

Build me an Army

The Kroot have their own dedicated Detachment in the new T’au Empire codex. The Hunting Pack enables players to deploy an army that is solely made up of Kroot models and offers thematic Enhancements and Stratagems.

If you choose this Detachment, Kroot Carnivore units in your army are given the Battleline keyword. The ‘Hunter’s Instinct’ rule adds 1 to the Hit roll of a Kroot model if the target is below its starting strength, and also adds 1 to the Wound roll if the target is below half strength. ‘Skirmish Fighters’ gives Kroot models a 6+ invulnerable save against melee attacks and a 5+ invulnerable save against ranged attacks.

There are four Enhancements for the Hunting Pack:

- ‘Kroothawk Flock’ (10pts) gives models in the bearer’s unit the [Ignores Cover] ability, while also preventing enemy Reinforcement units to be set up within 12” horizontally.

- ‘Nomadic Hunter’ (20 pts) lets the Trail Shaper leading a unit increase all the unit’s models’ Move by 3” and give their ranged weapons the [Assault] ability.

- Root-carved weapons (10 pts) gives a Kroot War Shaper’s equipped weapons the [Precision] and [Devastating Wounds] abilities.

- Borthrod Gland’ (15 pts) lets a Flesh Shaper leader enhance its unit’s models’ melee attacks by causing unmodified Hit rolls of 5+ to score a Critical Hit.

There are six Stratagems for players to spend their command points on:

- ‘Join the Hunt’ (2 CP) lets you target a unit of Kroot Infantry or Kroot Hounds that was just destroyed and add an identical unit in Strategic Reserves at its starting strength.

- ‘A Trap Well Laid’ (1 CP) adds 1 to the Armour Penetration of attacks against a target enemy unit.

- ‘EMP Grenades’ (1 CP) reduces the Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill of an enemy Vehicle unit’s weapons by 1.

- ‘The Grisly Feast’ (1 CP) can be used in the same phase that one of your Kroot units destroyed one or more enemy units. In your opponent’s next Command phase, enemy units within 6” of that Kroot unit must take a Battle-shock test. If they are below half strength they subtract 1 from the test.

- ‘Guerrilla Warriors’ (1 CP) can target a Kroot unit that Falls Back, enabling them to shoot and declare a charge.

- ‘Hidden Hunters’ (1 CP) lets you choose one Kroot unit selected as a target in your opponent’s Shooting phase. This unit can now only be the target of a ranged attack if the attacking model is within 12”.

Overall, it’s a great box that fleshes out an under-served yet much-loved auxiliary race in Warhammer 40k. I can’t wait to paint up all of my Kroot and set them loose on the tabletop. Message us on social media @ZatuGames to let us know if you’re also going to be starting an all-Kroot army.