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Gold Award

Fred Cronin

Hi I’m Fred, I’ve been a keen board game player for a couple of years now and I’m really excited to keep discovering more. I’m currently a student doing languages at university and love to travel. Nice to meet you!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

nemesis retaliation

NEWS: Nemesis Retaliation Announcement

Fred Cronin 07/08/2023

The third Nemesis installment has been announced and it is safe to say, it did not disappoint. More news on Nemesis Retaliation here!

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Scum And Villainy

NEWS: Star Wars Villainous Scum And Villainy

Fred Cronin 27/06/2023

There's a new kid in town.... well it's been announced at least! Star Wars Villainous Scum And Villainy is here to play!

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Jabba's Palace

How To Play Jabba’s Palace

Fred Cronin 27/06/2023

If you're a fan of Star Wars & you also love how a game of Love Letter plays then Jabba's Palace is for you! Learn how simple it is to play.

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Shoot For The Stars Review

Shoot For The Stars Review

Fred Cronin 06/01/2023

What do you get when you mix trivia, space, and a group game of chicken? Shoot for the Stars, of course! Read our thoughts here.

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Chicken Vs Hotdog

How To Play Chicken VS Hotdog

Fred Cronin 08/11/2022

The challenges can range from nice and simple, like a single flip, to the truly whacky Teams then choose one betting card to play face down...

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How To Play Alice Is Missing

How To Play Alice Is Missing

Fred Cronin 13/10/2022

Alice Is Missing is led by the group with the cards only acting as prompts throughout, so it's down to you to determine how you want to play!

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Sleeping Gods

How To Play Sleeping Gods

Fred Cronin 01/09/2022

Sleeping Gods comes in one big box. It can seem daunting, but knowing how to play always helps. Here's a how to play guide!

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Dr Sattler vs T-Rex

Unmatched Dr Sattler vs T-Rex Review

Fred Cronin 22/08/2022

The Unmatched Jurrasic Park sets never fail to impress! The Dr Sattler vs T-Rex set includes the character with the best health to be played.

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Friends & Foes Zombicide

Zombicide Friends And Foes Review

Fred Cronin 10/08/2022

Fan of Zombicide Green Horde? The Friends and Foes expansion is just what you need. Will you be a friend or a foe? Find out.

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Sounds Fishy (1)

How To Play Sounds Fishy

Fred Cronin 02/08/2022

You've read the review, and you know you're feeling Sounds Fishy, but how do you play Sounds Fishy? Fred is here to help.

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