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Fred Cronin

Hi I’m Fred, I’ve been a keen board game player for a couple of years now and I’m really excited to keep discovering more. I’m currently a student doing languages at university and love to travel. Nice to meet you!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Steel Colosseum Gameplay

Steel Colosseum First Impressions

Fred Cronin 17/05/2022

Zatu Games are taking the plunge into the world of publishing for the first time ever with their upcoming Kickstarter Steel Colosseum.

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Blockbuster And Chill cover

Blockbuster And Chill Review

Fred Cronin 16/05/2022

It’s time to kick back, flip on the VHS, and see what Blockbuster has in store with the latest instalment to the Blockbuster mini board game!

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nemesis cover

Nemesis Lockdown Review

Fred Cronin 14/04/2022

Lockdown introduces a wave of new content for Nemesis fans. Not only does it bring in a new alien threat, but...

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monster box cover

King Of Tokyo Monster Box Review

Fred Cronin 07/04/2022

Tokyo is under attack! And this time it’s not just one killer Kaiju running amok but a whole box full of them.

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nintendo news feature

New Vs Old – How Does the Nintendo Switch OLED Stack Up?

Fred Cronin 01/04/2022

Nintendo Switch launched back in 2017 it provided a completely fresh take on handheld gaming, there’s now an upgraded OLED model available!

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Airecon 2022

Airecon 2022 Round Up

Fred Cronin 28/03/2022

I have finally been able to attend AireCon! Everywhere I looked the tables were packed with people enjoying the variety of games. Read on...

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Quacks of quedlinburg mega box review

Quacks Of Quedlinburg Mega Box Review

Fred Cronin 02/03/2022

The Quacks Of Quedlinburg Mega Box is a fantastic way to grab all its board game goodness at a steal of a price. Read on here!

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pokemon presents feature

Pokémon Presents February 2022 Round-Up

Fred Cronin 01/03/2022

The 27th of February marked Pokémon Day, to mark the occasion there was a Pokémon Presents - find out what was announced here!

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mario party superstars review feature

Mario Party Superstars Review

Fred Cronin 18/01/2022

Mario Party Superstars is a refreshing game due to its simplicity. In remastering content from its past, it brings together the best bits!

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Nemesis void seeder review

Nemesis Void Seeders Review

Fred Cronin 07/01/2022

The Nemesis Void Seeders expansion adds more than just a new alien species to the mix. Read on here to find out more!

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