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Warhammer Bulletin: For The Greater Good


Welcome to another Warhammer Bulletin, taking a look each week at what’s gone up for pre-order in the Warhammer universe. This week it’s the turn of the youngsters of the 40k universe, the Tau. But don’t let their relative youth fool you, they are a potent force to be reckoned with. Let me show you why.

Warhammer 40k



A new codex for the new edition, bringing new detachments, expanded Crusade campaign rules and 38 datasheets for your units. There is also a collectors unit for those looking for something truly special.

Combat Patrol

The perfect way to start a new Tau force, or expand an existing one, is with the new combat patrol. It includes the awesome T’au Commander, 10 Breachers, 10 PAthfinders and a Devilfish transport. Everything you need to fight for the Greater Good.


Kroot Lone-spear

This is one of the coolest models I’ve seen in a while. A Kroot riding what looks remarkably like a giant axolotl. It’s the perfect start to an expanded Kroot line, something a lot of people have been wanting for the longest time. I also want to convert it for use in my Fyreslayer army as a teenage Magmadroth, but shh, that’s heresy.

Kroot War Shaper

Kroot shapers are like the tribal leaders of the Kroot, in their specialist area they guide the Kroot to be the best they can be. The War Shapers are frontline leaders, inspiring their fellow warriors to fight ferociously and with even greater skill.

Kroot Trail Shaper

Where War Shapers deal in direct fights, Trail Shapers are the masters of ambushes. They are excellent strategists with a preternatural skill for pioneering and hunting.

Kroot Flesh Shaper

Kroot take the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ to the extreme. They absorb the DNA of those they defeat and consume, taking on their attributes. The Flesh Shapers guide the Kroot in what to eat and what not to eat to get the best advantages with the least unwanted traits. It’s all too easy for Kroot to go down a bad path, where do you think Kroot Hounds and Krootox come from?

Krootox Rider

The Krootox is a powerful beast and the older ones are easily able to carry both a Kroot and a powerful weapon. This kit comes with a single Krootox and rider, with the choice of 2 weapons.

Krootox Rampagers

Young Krootox are more impetuous and difficult to control, and as such are ill suited for use as weapons platforms, they do however have other uses. Some Kroot that are daring enough ride them in battle and attempt to direct their immense strength towards their prey, effectively making them shock troops. The kit comes with 3 Krootox with riders.

Kroot Carnivores

An update to the classic Kroot Carnivore box is much appreciated and there are some great sculpts in here (including what looks like a cute baby Kroot Hound). The kit contains 10 Kroot Carnivores.

Kroot Hounds

As with the Carnivores, an update to the Kroot Hound kit is much appreciated. These have been updated to be considerably more beefy and definitely look dangerous, more in fitting with their lore. The kit contains 5 Kroot Hounds.


Get your hands on some accessories for your Tau force, in the form of dice and datasheet cards.

Made to order Orks

There are several classic Ork kits being sold Made to Order, you’ll need to check out the Warhammer website for these and they can take a while to ship.

This includes:

● Ork Dreadnought

● Blood Axe Kommandos

● Nobz

Horus Heresy

Back in the 30th millennium during the Horus Heresy, we have a couple of really cool releases going up for order.

Hermes Light/Veletaris Sentinel Squadron

These are fantastic little walkers, nowhere near as armoured as their bigger 40k counterparts, but very nimble. They will look great on the battleline of a Solar Auxilia force.

Solar Auxilia Basilisk/Medusa

I first saw these in Legions Imperialis and was looking forward to seeing them in full size. Really impressive artillery tanks that can blast your enemies to dust from far away.

Black Library

Over in the vaults of the Black Library we have a few paperback releases this week.

Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear (Paperback)

● The End and the Death Volume 2 (Paperback) - The penultimate story in the epic Horus Heresy saga

War for the Mortal Realms (Paperback) - A great catch up for the history of the Mortal Realms