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Fantasy Flight Games - Dragonholt

Top 5 Fantasy Flight Games

Luke Pickles 30/10/2023

Fantasy Flight Games have, since starting as an EU publisher, grown to be the 5th largest publisher of boardgames in the world

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descent act 2

NEWS: Descent Act 2 Fantasy Flight

Matthew Morgan 11/04/2023

Descent Act 2 has just been announced by Fantasy Flight Games along with it's *cough cough* [pretty?] price tag.

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TIE Advanced X1

Star Wars X-Wing Tie Advanced X1 Review

Kester Grieve 21/11/2022

Picking up a TIE Advanced x1 on your scopes is all the proof you need that a sector has drawn the Empire’s attention.

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Rebellion in the Rim

Star Wars Armada: Rebellion In The Rim Review

Star Wars: Armada is presenting Rebellion in the Rim which is the perfect game for the fight of fate with Rebels and Imperials

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Mysterio And Carnage

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Mysterio And Carnage Review

Felix Wright 23/08/2022

The precise detailing required on Mysterio and Carnage is what makes them so super cool from the Marvel Crisis Protocol set!

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Final Hour Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror: Final Hour Review

Dean Gregory 18/08/2022

The world is ending in an hour. What are you going to do about it? Arkham Horror: Final Hour. Good luck on your adventures.

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Harvey Walters AH

Arkham Horror: Harvey Walters Investigator Review

Matthew Morgan 15/08/2022

Dying for a hand size as large as the lovecraft universe? Then the Harvey Walters Investigator Pack may well be the deck for you.

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Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Board Game Spotlight: Arkham Horror The Card Game

Mitch 07/10/2021

In today's spotlight we take the plunge into the dark streets of Innsmouth as we try to shed some light on Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

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top board games to lose yourself in lord of the rings journeys in middle earth

News – FFG In-Flight Report

Fred Cronin 23/09/2021

This FFG report came packed with all the content you could want. Every fan can sink their teeth into this one. Read more at Zatu Games UK.

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Marvel Champions Box Art

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Review

Marvel Champions is the latest living card game (LCG) from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). FFG are known for their LCGs so how does Marvel Champions shape up against Arkham Horror and The Lord of the Rings?

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