Board Game Spotlight: Arkham Horror The Card Game

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

In today's spotlight we take the plunge into the dark streets of Innsmouth as we try to shed some light on Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Arkham Horror is a cooperative living card game for up to two players. During the game you and your fellow investigator will be attempting to uncover the secrets of lovcraftian fiction, though be aware that these treasures may bear an unforeseeable cost.

The Game

Set firmly within H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, Arkham Horror is a game that blurs the lines between traditional role-playing and card game experience. Like all of the LCGs from Fantasy Flight Games, Arkham Horror has a degree of deck building, this being done prior to the games set up and will be expanded beyond the core set.

The true appeal of Arkham is in the setting, the basic mod of play being a campaign system that will see your character's sanity strained. Making the right decisions however will grant you some benefits, enabling you to earn valuable experience with which to prepare yourself for the trail ahead.

During each adventure in Arkham Horror you will be carried deeper into the game's mystery. You'll find cultists and foul rituals. You'll find haunted houses and strange creatures. You may even find signs of the Ancient Ones straining against the barriers to our world.....

The Publisher

Fantasy Flight started out as a publisher of European comics in the US. They weren't successful until they published the first edition of Twilight Imperium and have since grown to be the fifth largest publisher of board games in the world.

They have in-house design, art and development staff, but also are the US publishers of a variety of outside designs. They are known for their large quantities of quality components and flashy art style.

Other board games in their arsenal include Runebound, The Game of Thrones series, The Lord of the Rings and the ever-popular Star Wars.

Enter the world of Arkham Horror

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