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Azul Board Game Review

Azul Review

Nick Welford 19/10/2021

Azul, from designer Michael Kiesling, tasks players with drafting gorgeous plastic tiles to place on their player board scoring the best combos possible.

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Photograph Box

Photograph Review

Document your neighbourhood with your mother’s old camera in this card drafting set collection game. Read more about Photograph here!

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Side Effects Box

Side Effects Review

Dan Hilton 01/09/2021

A small game highlighting the effects of mental health problems, read our review of the "take that" card game Side Effects!

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Shape-Based Games Feature Image

5 Best Games To Shape Things Up

Luke Pickles 25/08/2021

Shapes are everywhere. The way shapes are integrated into games is unique and creative. Read our top 5 favourite shape-based games here!

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Games That Accommodate Colour Blindness Feature Image

Games That Accommodate Colour Blindness

Luke Pickles 25/08/2021

Nowadays, we are always looking for inclusivity within games. Here are some board games that accommodate colour blindness. Read more here!

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Word Games For Psychics Feature Image

Word Games For Psychics

Nathan Coombs 25/08/2021

In these games, you'll need to have a solid grasp of the English language...and a good grasp of telepathy. Here are word games for psychics!

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Exit The Game The Forgotten Island Feature

Escape Games – Are They Worth It?

Ian Peek 17/08/2021

The question "are escape games worth it?" has been on my mind for a while. Recently, my answer has changed, and this feature explains why.

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Tapeworm Box

Tapeworm Review

Kate Horner 05/08/2021

Do you fancy a gentle but whimsical, family-friendly game which makes intestinal parasites cute? If so, then let me introduce you to Tapeworm.

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Zombie Dice Box

Zombie Dice Review

Ian Peek 30/07/2021

Zombie Dice gives you the opportunity to be a zombie, without needing to get bitten by one! Can you eat all the brains first? Read more here!

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Unfamiliar Mechanics Feature Image

5 First Steps Into Unfamiliar Mechanics

John Hunt 26/07/2021

Here are 5 of our suggestions on how to try out unfamiliar mechanics, with amusing, accessible and lighter uses of some key mechanics.

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