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Seb Hawden

Father of three, Derby County fan and a little bit insane. Sometimes rambles about Video Games and board games online. Loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Music, Sport, books, board games, video games and funny things

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Sanctuary The Keeper's Era Review

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era Dusk And Dawn Review

Seb Hawden 08/06/2022

Right, I’m off to destroy someone's Sanctuaries, catch you on the other side! Read our full thoughts over here

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carcassonne inns and cathedrals header

Which Carcassonne Expansions Should I Get?

Seb Hawden 08/06/2022

Everyone's favourite classic, Carcassonne is positively dripping with expansions and add-ons. But which one is right for you?

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Azul Queens Garden cover

Azul Queens Garden Review

Seb Hawden 09/05/2022

For the few people reading who have never played any of the Azul games, they are abstract, tile drafting, puzzle games.

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Rustling Leaves cover

How to Play Rustling Leaves

Seb Hawden 03/05/2022

Rustling leaves has you playing one of four seasons and encircling various icons on your sheet to try and maximise your score.

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dune deluxe cover

Dune Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Review

Seb Hawden 06/04/2022

With the deluxe upgrade pack, you get a new, larger box to hold all your Dune goodies, check out the Zatu review here!

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IX cover

Dune Imperium: The Rise Of IX Review

Seb Hawden 06/04/2022

Hot on the trail of one of 2021’s best-loved games comes Rise of Ix, the first expansion to Dune Imperium. You don't want to miss this blog...

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star wars skywalker saga feature

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review

Seb Hawden 05/04/2022

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is the definitive Lego Star Wars game! This is a game that was 100% worth the wait!

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Fear Itself Cover

Fear Itself – A Marvel Legendary Expansion Review

Seb Hawden 04/04/2022

It's a co-op game, each player starts with the same small deck and must purchase new heroes, beat up appearing villains and...

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Floriferous Cards

How to Play Floriferous

Seb Hawden 15/02/2022

In Floriferous you are attempting to collect flower cards, fulfil the Bounties at the top of the grid and complete smaller goals!

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life is strange true colours review feature

Life is Strange: True Colours Review

Seb Hawden 31/01/2022

I adore the Life is Strange games, they are full of emotion, feelings and have a little sprinkle of the weird that I really enjoy.

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