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Camille Hindsgaul

Camille first got into tabletop games in 2015 when, in need of procrastination from uni work, she began watching YouTube videos of people playing board games. She loves escape rooms and games with lots of story, and she is especially interested in exploring a variety of different roleplaying games. In her day-to-day life, Camille lives in Dublin and works with quality assurance of localised video games.

Camille posts board and roleplaying games on her Instagram, @camomile_gamereviews

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Familiar Tales

Familiar Tales Review

A co-op, deck building game! It is a fantasy adventure - you guessed it (by reading the title) Familiar Tales!

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For The Queen

For The Queen Review

For The Queen created by Evil Hat Productions, is here to unravel a story where the main character is you - the Queen!

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Heirs To Heresy cover

Heirs To Heresy Review

In Heirs to Heresy, you are one of only thirty remaining Knights Templar. The year is 1307 and the King of France has ordered your arrest.

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tag city cover

Tag City Review

Tag every surface of your city to become the new all city in this roll-and-draw game. This is Tag City, check it out!

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Now or Never Cover

Now Or Never Review

Now or Never is the third instalment in Red Raven Games’ Arzium storybook series, following Above and Below and Near and Far.

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Children Of Wyrmwoods Art

Children Of Wyrmwoods Review

Children of Wyrmwoods combines in-depth storytelling with escape room puzzles. Follow the protagonist on his journey through the Wyrmwoods.

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Cindr Review

Cindr Review

If you like games with fun premises and thorough themes, or if you simply really like dragons, you will like this Cindr.

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Deckscape – The Mystery of Eldorado Review

The Mystery of Eldorado is a well-constructed escape game that's easy to learn and an interesting use of its one-deck format.

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The Snallygaster Situation Feature

The Snallygaster Situation Review

The Snallygaster Situation is a fun and very challenging game with a variety of scenarios, and interesting asymmetrical player roles.

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Haven Feature

Haven Review

I have enjoyed Haven every time it has hit our table, and I recommend it to anyone in the market for a solid two-player game.

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