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Nathan Coombs

I am a keen board gamer and developed a passion for games in my childhood. I live in North Wiltshire with my wife and family. Fortunately they enjoy games (almost!) as much as I do. I work full time in the NHS, but would love to do more gaming if time permitted.
My favourite genres include those with worker placement (Agricola) or games with hand management (such as 7 Wonders). I love getting to grips with new games and reviewing them for Zatu Games.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Momiji Cover

Momiji Review

Nathan Coombs 03/03/2022

Momiji is a game that caught my eye. There was a sense of intrigue. What does Momiji mean? The images and artwork looked gorgeous.

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On The Underground Review

On The Underground: London/Berlin: Deluxe Edition Review

Nathan Coombs 14/02/2022

Gameplay On the Underground is a family game for 2-5 players. Gamers need to develop lines to allow a passenger to travel along their routes.

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herd mentality feature image

Herd Mentality Review

Nathan Coombs 01/02/2022

Is it good to follow the crowd, or is it better to carve your own furrow? Nathan takes a look at Big Potato Games latest piece to see whether he is in the herd or a lone wolf.

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Blue Skies Review

Blue Skies Review

Nathan Coombs 27/01/2022

At first Blue Skies looked about exciting as completing an HMRC tax return. However that soon changes trust us!

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Odins Ravens

Games To Play After Burns Night

Nathan Coombs 24/01/2022

In celebration of the life of and Burns Night, a number of Zatu bloggers have looked and found games that tell of Scotland.

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Kitara Review

Kitara Review

Nathan Coombs 13/01/2022

The last fortnight or so I have been very impressed with Kitara. It is suitable as a gift, pleasing to the eyes, and easy to learn.

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Plague Inc Armageddon Review

Plague Inc: Armageddon Review

Nathan Coombs 05/01/2022

Expansions, for what is already a good game is a tricky one to call. Players who love Plague Inc would certainly enjoy the mechanics!

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Crystal Palace Review

Crystal Palace Review

Nathan Coombs 04/01/2022

Crystal Palace is very good indeed. Its mechanics are learnt extremely easily and it has a slickness of gameplay that most should enjoy.

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A Weigh to Save or a Waste of Space An Investigation

A Weigh to Save or a Wasted Space? An Investigation

Nathan Coombs 23/12/2021

No game is a waste of space. But this study shows that good things can come in small packages, and highlights some examples of good practice.

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timeline events review feature

Timeline Events Review

Nathan Coombs 09/12/2021

Timeline is a series of family-orientated and educational games by Asmodee. This little game is the perfect gift!

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