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Nathan Coombs

I am a keen board gamer and developed a passion for games in my childhood. I live in North Wiltshire with my wife and family. Fortunately they enjoy games (almost!) as much as I do. I work full time in the NHS, but would love to do more gaming if time permitted.
My favourite genres include those with worker placement (Agricola) or games with hand management (such as 7 Wonders). I love getting to grips with new games and reviewing them for Zatu Games.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Word Games For Psychics Feature Image

Word Games For Psychics

Nathan Coombs 22/02/2023

In these games, you'll need to have a solid grasp of the English language...and a good grasp of telepathy. Here are word games for psychics!

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Unlock! Game Adventures Review

Unlock! Game Adventures Review

Nathan Coombs 16/01/2023

Unlock! was plenty of fun. Once completed it is solved. There is no replayability. Unlike most exit games the clues are all card based.

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Linkee review

Linkee Review

Nathan Coombs 05/01/2023

Four little questions. One big link. That is the tagline for Linkee and sums up this challenge perfectly. But did we like it? Find out here.

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Pitch Out Board Game Review

Pitch Out Board Game Review

Nathan Coombs 23/12/2022

I was given Pitch Out by a fellow blogger and I am so grateful. There is far more to this little game than it first seems.

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Synx or swim review

Sync Or Swim Review

Nathan Coombs 22/12/2022

Swimming is fun if the weather is good or if it is convenient. Sync Or Swim brings similar emotions. Read on here.

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Speechless Review

Nathan Coombs 14/10/2022

Become speechless when playing Speechless. A fun party game that everyone is 100%going to love and enjoy! How many can you get right?

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classic games

Top 20 Classic Games

Nathan Coombs 06/10/2022

Without classic games, where would the board game community be now? Now that is a question and a half! No Monopoly, no Uno...

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Top Five Space Themed Board Games

Nathan Coombs 03/10/2022

Here are just five space games that celebrate mankind’s fascination with the realms outside of our planet. Find out what made our list...

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Sleeping Queens

Sleeping Queens Review

Nathan Coombs 29/09/2022

Sleeping Queens was designed by a 6 year-old. I know! A 6 year-old, a child inventor. And it's a 'funducational' game. I KNOW!

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Vintage Games - Mancala

Top 5 Vintage Games

Nathan Coombs 25/08/2022

Board games have been around longer than any of us can say we have... that's why we call them vintage games!

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