What does it mean if an item is showing as a ‘restock pre-order’?

When an item is available to purchase as a restock pre-order, you are being given the opportunity to reserve a copy so that you can be one of the first to receive it once it comes back in stock! It’s essentially like placing a pre-order for an already released line. Any item showing as a restock pre-order is a confirmed order placed with our suppliers.


How can I pre-order something that’s already been released?

Board games will come in and out of print from manufacturers quite regularly. This means that some products can go out of stock for weeks or months at a time (even if they’ve been released years earlier) and you might not know when they’re coming back in. Placing a restock pre-order removes the hassle of eagerly waiting for stock notifications that might get lost in your spam folder, or in the event that a product sells out before you even get a chance to grab it.


When will my restock pre-order item be dispatched?

We typically see most restock pre-order items arriving with us within 2 months of placing our initial order with the supplier. However, this is entirely dependent upon where the item appears in the supply chain. Sometimes your order can take 1 week after ordering to be dispatched, in some cases it can take over 2 months. Once the product has arrived with us, your order will be dispatched immediately based on the delivery option you chose at checkout.


My restock pre-order item has not arrived with me and it’s been more than 2 months.

Sometimes restock pre-order items can take longer than 2 months to arrive. The two-month notice is an estimation given to us by our suppliers. However, in certain cases, items may take longer to restock than anticipated. Our forum can be a great place to discuss expected re-stock dates. However, if you no longer wish to wait for the item to come back in stock, you can cancel your order in your account section or by contacting our customer services team.


When is payment taken on my restock pre-order?

Payment for your restock pre-order is taken immediately when you place your order.


What happens if my order for a restock pre-order also contains items which are currently in stock?

If your order contains multiple items including at least one restock pre-order, your whole order will not be shipped until all items are in stock. If you want to purchase a regular in- stock item alongside a re-stock pre-order, we suggest placing separate orders to ensure you receive the in-stock item(s) as soon as possible.


Can I cancel my restock order?

Provided that your order has not yet been dispatched, you are more than welcome to cancel your restock pre-order. Either go to your account and cancel your order yourself through the ‘Order’s’ section, or contact our customer service team during our opening hours.


Is my restock order guaranteed?

Any item made available through restock pre-order is a confirmed order with our suppliers, which we expect to arrive with us at some point in the near future. In some rare cases, we are informed by suppliers that certain lines are no longer being printed or are not available to purchase anymore – in these instances we will contact any affected customers and ensure their restock pre-orders are cancelled and refunded straight away.


Can I split my restock order from currently in stock items?

Customers are welcome to split their restock orders to get available items shipped faster and avoid delays, once an additional payment for postage has been received. If you would like to split your order, you can call our friendly customer service team during operational hours and they will happily process this request for you.


The item in my restock order seems to be out of print, what does this mean for my order?

If you are worried the item you want to purchase through restock pre-order is out of print, please contact our customer services team to notify them of this. Any concerns will be passed to our procurement team who will remove the item from sale if the status of the line is confirmed as out of print with our suppliers. Any outstanding orders for the eaffected line(s) will be cancelled and refunded immediately upon confirmation from the supplier.


I ordered both in stock and re-stock items, now the in-stock items are out of stock on the website. Has that stock been reserved for me?

Any time you place an order with in-stock items in the basket, those items are reserved for you in our warehouse. In cases where your order contains both re-stock and in-stock items, we are only ever waiting for the restock item to arrive before we can dispatch your whole order to you immediately.


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